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Joint, coalition integration drives expeditionary security mission
332nd Air Expeditionary Wing
March 30, 2017 | 2:37
In a joint and coalition war-fighting environment it can often become difficult to see how one’s particular job has direct impact on the mission.

For airmen assigned to the 407th Expeditionary Security Forces Squadron at the 407th Air Expeditionary Group; however, the mission is clear.

We are here to “deter, detect, deny and defeat any enemy of this installation, which poses a threat against coalition or host-nation assets,” said Capt. Jeff Robertson, 407th ESFS operations officer. “Long story short, it’s the security of anything and everything on base.”

The assets being protected by Robertson and his team consist of coalition aircraft developing targets for Operation Inherent Resolve and the U.S. Marine Corps’ Special Purpose Marine Air Ground Task Force. The task force allows coalition pilots to fly with confidence knowing the tactical recovery of aircraft and personnel offered by the unit is on standby.

In addition, the squadron provides security for U.S. Air Force personnel who maintain the base as well as host-nation assets.

“We have a wide variety of war-fighting assets that need protected and in order for those people to succeed at their mission, they need to be safe,” said Robertson.

The warfighters on the installation are able to operate free of distractions from imminent danger with the knowledge that the security forces have over watch of the installation.

“Their mission is completely different than ours. If they are focusing on base security then their mission is not accomplished,” said Staff Sgt. Katherine Ogden, 407th ESFS.

One way the unit has increased the confidence of joint and coalition partners is by integrating them into the security mission. U.S. Marines and Polish Airmen are both assigned to the squadron.

“They bring a whole new unique aspect to the fight,” Robertson said. “The fact that we can incorporate them into our family and help with the defense of this base just proves that the armed forces and the U.S. coalition are on a great path to succeed.”

Success for the units on base stretches far beyond the operations within the gates.

“Think about the entire region as to why we are actually here,” said Senior Master Sgt. Charles McDonald, 407th ESFS operations superintendent. “We are there to support every other Air Force unit and coalition forces no matter where we are.

“My brothers are out there fighting for everyone’s freedom and I am here to support them.”