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  • Operation Afghan Smile

    Humanitarian assistance missions improve the lives of the people of Afghanistan. The 438th Air Expeditionary Wing, Combined Air Power Transition Force has added a new element to their humanitarian assistance missions. Operation Afghan Smile is an effort to stress the importance of dental hygiene to the people of Afghanistan."It is simple. A little
  • Combined Training Advisory Group - Army Commander Visits Thunder Lab

    Brigadier David Paterson, Commander of the Combined Training Advisory Group-Army of the NATO Training Mission-Afghanistan, visited the Afghan Air Force Thunder Lab August 28, 2010.CTAG-A advises and trains the Afghan National Army. The Thunder Lab tour included the living quarters, the flight simulators and the classrooms. The visit to the
  • Burn victims evacuated by Afghan Air Force

    On Aug 5, 2010, the Afghan Air Force executed a coordinated medical evacuation from Taloqan to Kabul.The AAF Mi-17 was dispatched from Mazar-e-Sharif to Taloqan to pick 5 females who suffered from severe burns after a kitchen explosion accident. Thankfully, they were mostly covered; however their burns were quite bad.When the Mi-17 arrived at
  • Mi-17 Goes on the Offensive

    The Afghan Air Force performed its first Mi-17 Live Fire at the Kabul Military Training Center in Kabul on August 1, 2010.This was the first validation of the training syllabus from the Russian manuals for the Mi-17. Two helicopters performed live firing at the KMTC range, one Mi-17 and one Mi-35. Combined, the two helicopters expended a total of
  • Assistant Secretary of Defense for Public Affairs Visits Afghan Air Force Base

    The Assistant Secretary of Defense for Public Affairs Douglas Wilson visited the Afghan Air Force base in Kabul Jul. 14, 2010.Mr. Wilson visited the 438th Air Expeditionary Wing/Combined Air Power Transition Force to learn more about their mentoring mission with the Afghan Air Force. He met with Afghans, Americans and Coalition partners and
  • El Salvador’s Chief of Defense visits the Afghan Air Force

    The Chief of Defense for El Salvador, Brig. Gen. Francisco Ramon Salinas Rivera, visited the Combined Air Power Transition Force at the Afghan Air Force base in Kabul, Afghanistan on Jul. 10, 2010. Brig. Gen. Salinas Rivera was greeted by the Vice Commander of the 438th Air Expeditionary Wing, Col. Creig Rice.Members of CAPTF provided a mission
  • Afghan Air Force vehicle fleet gains new maintainers

    On Jun. 28, 2010, the Afghan Air Force graduated six new Airmen and one officer for their Vehicle Maintenance course. The Airmen graduated from a 6-month basic vehicle maintenance course that focused on basic maintenance on the Ford Ranger truck, passenger bus, Humvee and wrecker training.The officer graduating from a 45-day basic shop supervisor
  • Afghan Air Force Conducts Search and Rescue Exercise

    The Afghan Air Force Presidential Airlift Squadron conducted a Combat Search and Rescue exercise outside Kabul on Jun. 30, 2010. This is the first time they have conducted a CSAR mission from an alert status with only location coordinates. Previously the location was at an airfield or a pre determined location. This was also the first time that two
  • Canadian General visits the Afghan National Air Force base

    On Jun. 25, 2010, Maj. Gen. Alain Parent, Deputy Commander of the Canadian Expeditionary Force Command visited the 438th Air Expeditionary Wing and Combined Air Power Transition Force. Parent is a tactical helicopters pilot with approximately 4900 flying hours throughout his career. He is also a graduate of the United States Air Force Air War
  • Afghan Air Force Leadership learn Capabilities of Air Fleet

    In the last weeks of June, the Afghan National Army Air Force conducted three operational flights transporting three new vehicle tugs to a variety of locations, which included Herat, Shindand, and Kandahar. These tugs would replace the forklifts that were currently being used to move aircraft so that they can now be properly moved with greater