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  • Growing up in western Afghanistan: apricot trees

    Having passed the traditional rainy season, western Afghanistan is well into its growing season. Among thriving fields of spring wheat, farmers around Shindand Air Base are also tending to the 7,900 apricot saplings distributed to 20 area farmers during a classroom and hands-on Agriculture Capacity Building workshop launched on base March 15. "This
  • U.S. and Salvadoran airmen team up to mentor Afghans

    A team of El Salvador and U.S. airmen are working together in Herat, Afghanistan, to advise their Afghan counterparts on several missions that will be essential for the Afghans to manage as they continue to expand their air force.This joint team of airmen, which make up the 838th Air Expeditionary Advisory Group Detachment 1, advises the Afghans in
  • Aerial gunner trains Afghans on aircrew responsibilites

    Tech. Sgt. Christian Corella has been an aerial gunner for more than eight years. He cross trained into the career field after his first four years as an Airman because he said he wanted to do something more."I'd watch aircraft take off and knew I wanted to be a part of that," said Corella, 838th Air Expeditionary Advisory Group Detachment 1 MI-17
  • 717th EASOS, critical to mission effectiveness

    Located in Kabul, the 717th Expeditionary Air Support Operations Squadron, part of the 504th Expeditionary Air Support Operations Group, is the airpower equivalent to a 911 emergency call center for joint and coalition ground forces.According to officials, the 717th ASOS is a forward-deployed element of the combined air operations center located in
  • Afghan aviators soar toward self-reliance

    The Afghan Air Force recently completed its first unassisted helicopter-borne medical evacuation, flying a stabilized patient from Camp Shorabak in Helmand province to Kandahar Airfield.Currently, the Marines and sailors of 2nd Marine Aircraft Wing (Forward), in partnership with other NATO coalition forces, provide almost all aviation support in
  • Shindand Air Base rising on the wings of national efforts, international support

    What provides the capability for combat forces to travel greater distances by acting as a conduit to the resupply of soldiers, ammunition, equipment and fuel? What system can move forces faster and farther than their own means can carry them? And what can destroy targets no longer in range of army and naval units? An air force, and in the Herat
  • Afghan Airmen, coalition provide education to AAF members

    Last month, Afghan National Army soldier Mohammed Khalil, made history and didn't even know it. Khalil, with the Basic Warrior Training Kandak 162, became the 100,000th member from the Afghan National Security Forces to graduate from one of many established literacy training programs. With that graduation, experts say momentum in the training arena
  • Thunder Lab produces Afghan Air Force "Best of the Best"

    For Afghan Air Force 2nd Lt. Yar Mohmmad, it's always been a dream to serve his country in the AAF. Coming from Laghman province in eastern Afghanistan, the 25 year-old Afghan Lieutenant now has that chance thanks to a program here called "Thunder Lab." Standing up in May 2010, Thunder Lab is an environment aimed at immersing select AAF lieutenants
  • Airmen instruct Afghans to complete rotary wing advising mission

    A team of advisers from maintenance units across the Air Force have converged here to not only teach Afghans how to maintain their aircraft, but to prepare trainers themselves to carry on the mission with little or no oversight. Meet the trainers of the 440th Air Expeditionary Advisory Squadron.These Airmen work daily at the Afghan Air Force
  • 438th SFS member balances work, family

    It's not often that people know what they want to do in life...what they want to accomplish or which path they want to take when they come upon a fork in the road. More often than not, it seems people just plod along on a path of indecision, looking for an opportunity to excel or someone to guide them. Then, at the most inopportune time it happens