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  • AAF Firefighters Conduct MD-530 Egress training

    KABUL, Afghanistan (July 25, 2018) An Afghan Air Force firefighter egresses the simulated incapacitated pilot during the MD-530 egress exercise July 25, 2018, Kabul Air Wing, Afghanistan. This was part of a two-day exercise that focused on working under hazardous conditions.(U.S. Air Force photo by Staff Sgt. Jared J. Duhon)
  • Military working dog handlers key to security

    NATO-led Resolute Support advisors from the U.S. and Denmark are working with the Afghan Air Force to implement a training plan that builds the capabilities of Afghan military working dog handlers as they develop a relationship with their dogs and advance their technical skills to better secure the Afghan Air Force."My primary responsibility is to
  • AAF graduates 22 fixed-wing pilots including two females

    Twenty-two students graduated from Initial Entry Fixed-Wing (IEFW) school, including two women pilots, at a ceremony in Pardubice, Czech Republic, June 27. During the ceremony, the graduates were congratulated by the guest speakers for their tremendous accomplishments throughout the 15-month course. "You have much to celebrate, much to be proud of,” said U.S. Air Force Brig. Gen. Joel Carey, Train, Advise, and Assist Command-Air commander. "You are entering an Air Force at an exciting time in its history where you will be a key contributor to the future security for the people of Afghanistan. Congratulations to all of you.”
  • AAF aids commandos on the ground

    Afghan Air Force (AAF) C-208 air crew members were able to quickly and effectively deliver approximately 900 pounds of supplies via airdrop to Afghan commandos fighting insurgents in Faryab province, June 18. The mission took place within 20 days of the Afghan Air Force’s first ever emergency combat airdrop, proving the need for this capability and the effectiveness of the Afghan Air Force. "I am very proud,” said Afghan Air Force Maj. Jawid, Chief of the Mission Planning Cell. "We have been working almost one year on this and now I’m happy we can do the mission ourselves and help our ground troops. We are very happy and we are proud.”
  • Afghan Air Force Conducts First Emergency Combat Airdrop

    Afghan Air Force (AAF) C-208 air crew members conducted their first emergency combat airdrop mission bringing ammunition to Afghan National Police (ANP) and citizens fighting the Taliban in Badakshan province, June 1.Afghan aircrew members conducted mission planning, prepared nearly 1,000 pounds of ammunition for delivery and successfully dropped
  • 438th AEW Change of Command

    Maj. Gen. Barre Seguin (left), NATO Air Command Afghanistan and 9th Air and Space Expeditionary Task Force-Afghanistan commander, Brig. Gen. Phillip Stewart (center), outbound Train Advise Assist Command-Air and 438th Air Expeditionary Wing commander, and Brig. Gen. Joel Carey (right), inbound Train Advise Assist Command-Air and 438th Air
  • Memorial Day 2018: Remembering the ultimate sacrifice made in Afghanistan

    Memorial Day is a day to ensure those who have fallen are never forgotten. And whether a few years, 20 years, or more, there can never be enough thanks given for those 13 who fought and made the ultimate sacrifice in Afghanistan this past year. Remembering those 13 warriors, who fought for what was right and were sadly taken from the fight too early, is a small token of appreciation that can be given. It only takes a moment to think about the lives these people might have lived, each different from the last and yet all still had the same goal of making a better place for those who cannot fight. This small gesture will ensure that their contribution to the missions they fought for will not go in vain.
  • Laser Guided Bombs enhance Afghan Air Force Strike Capability

    Since March 22, the Afghan Air Force (AAF) has both introduced and increased the use of precision guided munitions in southern Afghanistan.  “The recent addition of laser-guided bomb strike capability is huge for the Afghan Air Force,” said U.S. Air Force Lt. Col. Justin Williams, 438th Air Expeditionary Advisor Squadron commander. “Afghanistan did
  • Mi-17s ready for action

    Two Afghan Air Force Mi-17s that received significant mortar damage in January, have been returned to a fully operational status at Kandahar Airfield, Afghanistan as of May 8. So far this year, six Mi-17s have received damages from enemy aggressors, but Afghan maintainers, with guidance from their Train, Advise and Assist counterparts, have been
  • Afghan Air Force conducts first UH-60 Blackhawk operational mission

    Afghan Air Force UH-60 Blackhawk crews conducted their first operational mission in Helmand Province, Afghanistan, Tuesday.   The mission, which was in support of the Afghan provincial elections, took place just one day after the first 31 Afghan Air Force members graduated from mission qualification training, making them the first fully qualified