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  • NATC-A volunteer org helps families of fallen Afghan officers

    On July 2nd, the Afghan Air Force lost eight officers to terrorist action as the men were traveling home after a long hard day of work learning English and doing their jobs on Kabul International Airport, Afghanistan. Immediately, this tragedy not only touched the families of the fallen officers, but the lives of their advisors and friends in NATO
  • Thanking Gavin: Boy's holiday card amuses, inspires deployed troops

    The card posted on the wall consisted of just four short words and the owner's name. It read, "Hope you make it - Gavin." This simple message from a grade school holiday card at the entry to the dining facility on our small Forward Operating Base in Kabul, Afghanistan, brought no small amount of joy and quite a bit of laughter to all who saw it.
  • Daily Life in Afghanistan: Air Force Security Forces; Getting Some Long Overdue Appreciation!

    (The following piece is a commentary; as such, all the viewpoints, opinions, and characterizations are my own as the author. And they are from the heart!)Having just arrived in Kabul this past week, I will say it has been an eventful and busy time already! This phase of my deployment started as I sat in a plane on the runway at Bagram Air Base last
  • Daily Life in Afghanistan: Day 189/190; More Than You

    (These words are my own thoughts and they are from the heart.)Hello Everyone! It's #talkaboutittuesday, but it's actually early Wednesday morning. I apologize for being a little late. I just returned from an awesome night training sortie with two Afghan Air Force air crews in night vision goggle (NVG) upgrade. I had a different
  • Daily Life in Afghanistan: Guest Post; From a Senior Airman

    (These words are my own thoughts and they are from the heart.)From a Senior Airman:To begin, I'd like to say that I've been extremely humbled being here in Kabul. Over my last four years in the Air Force and even over my other experiences in my deployment, there has not been a job like this. This experience has led me to the conclusion that I am
  • Daily Life in Afghanistan: Day 176; Revolving Door of Goodbyes, DVs and What Does This mean?

    (These words are my own thoughts and they are from the heart.)Day 176. Military people, in every sense of the term, get used to a seemingly revolving door in their life. Friends, pets (depending on the housing situation, host country's laws, length of TDY or deployment, etc...), vehicles (see previous list of reasons), significant others,
  • Daily Life in Afghanistan: Day 169; Welcome

    (These words are my own thoughts and they are from the heart.)When the C-17 landed in Afghanistan 169 days ago I was anxious, but prepared. I was struggling through some fatigue from the journey, but mostly I was stoked to be here. I had said my goodbyes; all of them easier than expected except one. The final day with my husband, I cried. The tears
  • #ReverseGratitude: Thank You America

    Deployment, whether lasting months or over a year, causes people to experience a range of personal challenges. From arrival when jet lag sets in, to the third-month-blues when the reality of missing loved ones hits hard, each teammate copes in different ways. One time-tested bright spot has always been mail call; when contact comes in the tangible
  • Making every day matter

    "No Reserves. No Retreats. No Regrets." -William BordenAs of this writing, I've been alive 17,789 days. That's 426,936 hours and 25,616,160 minutes. In the course of this time, I've been blessed to laugh frequently, engage meaningfully, and grow constantly. At the same time, I've experienced my own share of mis-steps, disappointments and failures.
  • Writing a better story

    "After nourishment, shelter and companionship, stories are the thing we need most in the world." -Philip PullmanAs you likely have all heard me say since my arrival, human beings are moved by stories. Stories stir the soul, ignite the imagination and engage our hearts and minds in a way no other medium can. The main way we learn story is not