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Welcome to the 738th Air Expeditionary Advisory Group

Kandahar Airfield, Afghanistan

Chief's Notes - Welcome to Kandahar Airfield and the 738th Air Expeditionary Advisory Group!

You are about to deploy to one of the most unique and exciting experiences of your Air Force career.

As a member of the 738th AEAG, you will work directly with the Afghan Air Force (AAF) on a daily basis. Additionally, Kandahar Airfield (KAF) is a NATO base supporting both Operation ENDURING FREEDOM (OEF) and the International Security Assistance Forces' (ISAF) mission. You will work with our allies from Lithuania, Latvia, Ukraine and Belgium.

Our mission is exciting, challenging, and very rewarding! We are in the process of building a professional, effective and sustainable AAF on Kandahar Air Wing (KAW). Through mentoring/advising, you will have a direct impact on the successful development of the AAF and KAW.

Let there be no doubt, you are coming to a combat zone! Discipline and vigilance are imperative to success.

Take the necessary steps to prepare yourself spiritually, mentally and physically before you arrive. Ensure your affairs at home are in order to prevent any distractions while you are deployed.

Don't forget to establish some personal and professional goals you would like to achieve while deployed. KAF has excellent chapels and fitness centers.

There is the possibility of delays as you transit into and through the AOR. Pack your carry-on with at least three (3) days of clothes/personal items and remain patient and focused. Stay in touch with your sponsor to keep them informed as you transition through the AOR.

Please feel free to call or email me with any concerns you have, and I'll do everything I can to get you the answers you need. I can be reached at DSN: 318-421-6432 or via email at charles.moffe@afghan.swa.army.mil. God bless and have a safe trip to KAF!

"Safety, Security, and Standardization!"

Charles A. Moffe, CMSgt, USAF
Superintendent, 738 AEAG

Welcome to Kandahar Airfield (KAF), Afghanistan, and the 738th Air Expeditionary Advisory Group. We personally appreciate the sacrifices you are making as you deploy in support of our nation and OEF. From active duty to contractor support deploying to KAF, let us be the first to welcome you to the group. If you are unsure where exactly you will be living/working, or have no pre-arranged transportation, our staff will help you find your way.

Lines of Communication - You are supporting a joint mission across a vast AOR. It is important to be a positive part of the joint team but you must remember to stay within your capabilities and training. If tasked with a duty you are not trained to perform, use the chain of command to address this issue. If it cannot be resolved, it is your duty to contact the 738 AEAG. Your AF ADCON leadership is here to resolve these issues while ensuring the mission is accomplished.

Again, welcome to Afghanistan and welcome to the 738 AEAG. Thank you for your sacrifice and your family's sacrifice; thank you for being here and answering your nation's call in her time of need!

General Information:

Important Phone Numbers -
738 AEAG/J1 - DSN: 318-421-5091/5089

Identification and Uniform - Military uniform required at all times (no civilian clothes). Saluting on KAF is required (exception: no saluting on Camp Ransom or the boardwalk). All group members are required to wear a cover when outside.

Arming - Anytime you are outside of your dorm, you should be armed with at least your M9. Exception: weapons may be locked in your weapons case in your room while using the gym or showers.

GREEN = no magazine

AMBER = magazine loaded, chamber clear, weapon safe

RED = magazine loaded, bullet in the chamber, weapon on safe

BLACK = magazine loaded, bullet in the chamber, weapon on fire

Travel in and around KAF - USAF members are restricted to KAF unless on approved travel. There is no restriction on travel within KAF.

Laundry - Washers and dryers are located in our dormitories.

Finance - If you have problems with your pay after your arrival, the 451 AEG (host unit) finance office will help you out.

Shopping - The BX has small items, some uniform items and electronics. There is also a Western Union inside the BX.

Boardwalk - Located here are jewelry/souvenir shops, barber shop, carpet shop, silk/Kashmir shop, patch shop, DVD shop, food outlets and electronics shops.

Internet Access - Wireless internet is free through MoraleNet. There is also a paid service provider with rates starting at $90 a month. You can sign up once you arrive.

DSN Phones - Office phones are available for calls home. Class A phones with 312 access can call direct to stateside base operator.

Family Emergencies - Red Cross emergency communications services keep military personnel in touch with their families following the death or serious illness of an immediate family member, the birth of a service member's child or grandchild or when a family faces other emergencies. You or your family members can call (877) 272-7337 (toll-free).

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