U.S. Air Force Central Command’s mission is to deliver decisive air and space power on behalf of U.S. Central Command for the security and stability of the region.  We do this mission proudly alongside our international, joint, and interagency partners!


U.S. Air Forces Central Command will leverage the unique warfighting capabilities that airpower provides to help defeat violent extremists in the region, defend U.S. and Coalition interests, deter regional adversaries, and firmly address great power competitors.

U.S. Air Forces Central Command Lines of Effort

Provide Deterrence and Stability

Stability in the CENTCOM area of responsibility demands a credible, capable, and dynamic defense posture to compete, deter, and win against state and non-state actors.  AFCENT will leverage airpower and partner abilities to out-match those seeking to challenge the U.S. and coalition interests in the region. We are resolved to deter aggression, maintain stability, defend our networks, and ensure access to common domains across our area of responsibility.


Provide War-Winning Air Power

AFCENT is fully committed to winning the current fight and combatting emerging threats across all domains.  As Airmen, we secure the high-ground by providing precision strike, intelligence, surveillance, reconnaissance, electronic warfare, mobility, personnel recovery, space force enhancement, agile combat support and required command and control. We strive to do these missions in support of the National Defense Strategy and in alignment with the CENTCOM campaign objectives.


Build and Shape Partner Air Forces

AFCENT is committed to partnering with regional air forces by leveraging the professional expertise of our Airmen to build sustainable capacity, increased capability, as well as interoperability.  Across the region, AFCENT Airmen will embrace our train, advise, and assist mission with regional air forces to bolster defenses, increase credibility and lethality, while addressing both unique and common challenges to provide a decisive advantage over our adversaries.