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380 AEW/PA Capabilities

  • Provide trusted counsel to 380th AEW Leaders, by delivering candid communication, counsel and guidance, to directly support decision-making. We do this by analyzing unit activities from the perspective of specific key publics, relevant actors, the 380th AEW commander's objectives/priorities, AFCENT and higher headquarters' guidance, policy and law.

    380th AEW/PA provides recommendations for courses of action or policy decisions while offering analysis of the potential intended and unintended consequences.
  • Contribute to 380th AEW Airmen morale and readiness by: 
    • Providing 380th AEW leaders with effective and efficient two-way communication tools to build, maintain and strengthen morale and readiness
    • Enabling Airmen and their family members to better understand their roles and how policies, programs and operations affect them.
    • Providing timely, relevant and accurate information as a force multiplier while enhancing Airmen morale, readiness and increasing effectiveness as ambassadors of the 380th AEW.
  • Strengthen bonds between 380th AEW and the public by:
    • Providing honest and open dialogue and programs that communicate with key publics, including local communities, opinion leaders, decision makers and the media.
  • Global influence and deterrence:
    • Support the 380th AEW commander's objectives by leveraging the power of information, alone or in conjunction with the use of physical power, while defending our own informational centers of gravity.
    • Consistently communicate how the Air Force core missions (Air and Space superiority, intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance. Rapid global mobility, global strike and command and control) are indispensable to our nation's ability to conduct successful military operations

380th AEW/PA Services

380th AEW/PA uses still (photography), motion (videography) and audio recordings to document technical and non-technical events occurring as a normal part of the 380th AEW's wartime, contingency and humanitarian operations, as well as historical, and newsworthy events. Other mission-related uses are military information support operations, training, battle damage assessment, post-strike assessments, public information (web and social media), intelligence and providing an accurate record of Air Force operations. 

380th AEW PA personnel support official Air Force organizations and the organizations at Al Dhafra Air Base. 

380th AEW PA can NOT:

  • Provide personal souvenirs or gifts
  • Provide decor for personal office walls. 
  • Support or document farewell parties or social events unless certified as newsworthy or having historical significance by Chief of PA
  • Create products used primarily for entertainment during farewell parties or social events
  • Support Non-Appropriated Fund Force Support MWR activities
  • Any Force Support activities not essential to military mission 
  • Alter any DoD imagery 

Photographic Services

The 380th AEW/PA staff provides professional still photography support for base-level requirements. These include photos for managerial, operational, training, educational, historical archiving, investigative and administrative purposes.

The photographer can also provide support for engineering material deficiency reporting, government contracting investigations or support, or research and development programs.

The photographer can generally support one official squadron photo per six-month rotation, based on current workload, priority level and availability. The photographer can only cover base-level or historically significant ceremonies and presentations.

--Studio photography--Studio photography is walk-in only for official passports, visas and official portraits. They are done during the weekly walk-in hours only.

--Alert photography--Our photographer can support security forces, Air Force Office of Special Investigations, civil engineer readiness, weapons or ground safety offices and other emergency response agencies with alert photographic services 24/7. During normal duty hours (8 a.m. to 5 p.m.) contact the PA office at DSN: 484-7072/7070 or via the PAO's cell phone at +971 52 509 1203. After duty hours, incident commanders should request the alert photographer via the cell phone or through the law enforcement desk or command post.

Self-Help Services

Self-help equipment is available for official use, on a first come, first served basis, in the PA office.

Come by our office and check one out.