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The United States and regional partners postured to defend common security interests through multilateral coalitions of competent, capable, and integrated air dominance forces.

Our Mission

AAWC builds trust, readiness, and integration among US and partner air dominance forces by forging lasting relationships and providing advanced tactical training.

USAFCENT AIR WARFARE CENTER: “Building Tomorrow’s Coalition Today”

-Advance regional partners’ capability to employ airpower in coalition with the United States

-Advance regional partners’ capability to integrate active air defenses with the United States

-Enhance AFCENT readiness to execute theater unique missions

AWC News

What We DO

Integrated Air & Missile Defense Division

To serve as the leading Integrated Air and Missile Defense simulations facility in the CENTCOM AOR by supporting the U.S. and GCC+ partners to drive bi-lateral, multi-national and joint IAMD exercises and seminars. IAMD Division is focusing on increasing joint and multi-national IAMD capability, interoperability, integration, and interdependence. 

Exercise Support:


Academic Support:

  • Senior Leader Seminars
  • IAMD Working Groups

Advanced Training Division
Raising the combat effectiveness of coalition air forces by developing aircrew leadership skills, achieved by commanding, planning and executing demanding air exercises within a tactical training environment utilizing realistic scenarios
Advanced Tactical Leadership Couse (ATLC) trains 4-ship flight leads for large force employment, the Mission Commander role, and a dynamic tactical flying environment. The aim is to embolden flight leadership and perfect tactics, techniques and procedures that are common among all participants in order to improve interoperability among coalition air forces and GCC partners.
Desert Flag reinforces ATLC training for coalition partners. Similar to RED FLAG, DF provides a realistic rolling scenario with a relevant regional threat array.

  • GCI Course
  • CSAR Course
  • SME Exchanges

Specialized Support

Facilitate DoD and Department of State theater security cooperation and engagement initiatives, which include:
  • Advanced Tactical Leadership Course (ATLC)
  • Air Defense Liaison Team
  • CSAR Course
  • Fighter/Mobility Employment
  • GCI Intermediate Course
  • JTAC Course
  • Live, Virtual, Constructive Training
  • Air Show Support (Dubai, Kuwait, Bahrain)
Provide air advising and assistance at regional exercises:

AWC Fact Sheet



  • Commander: Col Jordan "Gadget" Grant
  • Vice Commander: Lt Col John “Atari” Harris
  • Superintendent: SMSgt Raymond LeBlanc

  • Mission Support Division (MSD) Chief: Lt Col Asim Khan
  • Advanced Training Division (ATD), Chief:  Lt Col Tyler "Mask" Stark
  • Integrated Air and Missile Defense (IAMD) Division, Chief: LTC Thomas Stockton