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FOIA LogoThe Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) is an option you may want to use when the releasability of a record is in doubt. The FOIA provides public access to releasable records. It does not require agencies to do research, conduct surveys, compile or analyze data, or to answer questions.

Frequestly Asked Questions

Our Policy:
It is the policy of US Air Forces Central Command to make agency records available to the public to the greatest extent possible in keeping with the spirit and intent of the Freedom of Information Act.

Who May Submit a Request:
Under the Act, members of the public, including foreign citizens, military and civilian personnel acting as private citizens, organizations and businesses, and individual members of the Congress, for themselves or constituents, may request records.

How to Submit a Request:

  • To submit a FOIA request online, CLICK HERE.  
  • To mail/fax your request, refer to the AFCENT FOIA Office contact information and mark your request and envelope, "FOIA."

What to Include:  Ensure you describe the records you want as specifically as possible, and let the office know how much you are willing to pay. Furnish any facts or clues about the time, place, persons, events, subjects, or other details of the information or records you want. That will help the office decide where to search and determine what records pertain to your request. It can also save you and the government time and money, and you may get what you want faster. There is no special form to complete.

**If you don't know which Air Force activity has the records you want, mail/e-mail your request to: Headquarters Air Force/AAII

Contents of the Request:
The request should contain the following information:

  1. The name and address of the requester and a telephone number at which the requester may be reached during normal business hours.
  2. A reasonable description of the record sought. This will speed our response by assisting us in determining where to search for the record.
  3. A statement agreeing to pay any applicable processing fees. You may indicate the maximum amount you are willing to pay. If estimated charges exceed that amount we will advise you of the charges and ask your guidance on whether to proceed with processing the request.
Fees: Fees range from $20.00 to $44.00 per hour for search and review time and 15 cents per page for reproduction of documents on a standard office copier up to 8 1/2 x 14 inches. There is no charge if total processing costs are $15.00 or less. Fees may vary based on which of three categories of requester you fall in. Fees for each category are as follows:

  1. Commercial: Search, review, and duplication charges.
  2. Educational or non-commercial scientific institution or news media: Duplication charges only. The first 100 pages are provided free.
  3. Other: Search and duplication charges only. The first two hours of search time and first 100 pages of duplication are provided free.
Response Time: You can expect a response to your request within 20 workdays from the date of receipt in the USAFCENT FOIA Office. If for some reason we cannot respond within the 20 workdays we will inform you of the reason for the delay and provide an estimated completion date.


Mandatory Declassification Review: If you are only seeking a copy of a record or records that are currently classified, and would like the record reviewed for appropriate declassification and release, you should file a Mandatory Declassification Review request. Mandatory Declassification Review is a provision of Presidential Executive Order 13526 that allows members of the public to request a mandatory declassification review of a classified document in order to obtain a releasable version of the document. The desired document requested must be specified in sufficient detail that it can be readily located. The record in question may not be the subject of litigation. The mandatory declassification review process can be a very timely and in-depth, due to the classification of materials being reviewed by internal and outside agencies.  MDR decisions can be administratively appealed to the Headquarters Air Force/AAII (Mandatory Declassification Review) or Interagency Security Classification Appeals Panel (ISCAP). Requests for review and release of classified records under the MDR process can be made to Headquarters Air Force/AAII (Mandatory Declassification Review)

Headquarters Air Force/AAII

1000 Air Force Pentagon
Washington, DC. 20330
COMM: 703-695-2226


611 Lark Road Building 1941
Shaw Air Force Base, SC. 29152
DSN: 312-889-5566
COMM: 803-885-5566