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  • Arizona sisters deploy downrange

    Mora and Delgado are step-sisters deployed from the 944th Fighter Wing, Luke Air Force Base, Arizona, and have consistently been linked together throughout their lives and currently find themselves together again, at an undisclosed location in Southwest Asia.
  • USDA, BASH saving lives and money

    According to the Air Force Safety Center, the goal of BASH is to preserve war fighting capabilities through the reduction of wildlife hazards to aircraft operations. For the 2016 fiscal year, AFSC documented more than 4,000 wildlife strikes to Air Force aircraft causing more than 20.6 million dollars in damage.
  • Guard, Reserve defenders bring experience to the fight

    The training and experience our Air National Guard and Reserve law enforcement Airmen gain in their civilian and military careers help keep people safe from enemies foreign and domestic. Many of these security forces members, or defenders, bring the knowledge of both careers to make them more effective both home and abroad.
  • Brother’s in life, brother’s in-arms reunite downrange

    Saying goodbye to family members before a deployment can be stressful. But rarely does a service member cross paths with a sibling while downrange; this recent uplifting experience was the case for two brothers on separate paths.
  • Combat Metals Flight sculpts from scrap

    At nearly seven feet tall, the iron behemoth towers menacingly over everyone, armed to its crooked metal teeth with a 40mm Gatling gun, steel-clawed feet, chain-link flail, and sinister telescopic eyes. But this isn’t the rise of the machines – it’s a scrap metal sculpture designed and created by inventive Airmen of the 386th Expeditionary
  • Until deployed do us part: Marauder gets married while deployed

    For most people, the terms marriage ceremony and wedding are interchangeable, since they usually happen at the same time. For one Airman here, that is not the case.Senior Airman Ashley Reid, was not at her marriage ceremony. She hasn’t had her wedding yet either. But, she is married.Reid, who has been deployed with the 386th Expeditionary Civil
  • Food inspectors: gatekeepers of our health

    The gatekeepers for all things required for human consumption on The Rock are the food inspectors from the 719th Medical Detachment Veterinary Services and the 386th Expeditionary Medical Group. The food inspectors’ primary mission is to reduce the risks to public health associated with diseases and other health hazards in food that is designated
  • ASIR program enables safer work environment for Airmen

    Serving in the deployed environment has its fair share of potential threats but for the Check Six team at the 386th Air Expeditionary Wing, they're doing everything in their power to combat those threats.Through the wing's active shooter incident response training, which falls under the Check Six program, four security forces Airmen ensure that
  • Family affair

    Deployments can be a lonely time for many who spend long months away from family and friends. But for a few, it can be a blessing when they are lucky enough to be stationed with a loved one and have the opportunity to build precious memories together, and even carry forward a family tradition of service.Brothers Tyrone and Ivory Carter decided to
  • SET Airmen provide convoy security to the area of responsibility

    Being in a deployed environment where multiple threats are prevalent, the security escort team ensures the safety of our troops when traveling off base.Much like a police escort back home, SET serves as armed security to protect our Airmen as they drive through the area of responsibility. This can be for convoys, bank runs, or searching for Airman