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The 386th Air Expeditionary Wing, located at an air base in Southwest Asia, is the primary tactical airlift hub for re-supply missions and provides combat service support to land component forces throughout the Persian Gulf Region.

The 386th Air Expeditionary Wing is comprised of the 386th Expeditionary Operations Group, 386th Expeditionary Maintenance Group, 386th Expeditionary Mission Support Group, 386th Expeditionary Medical Group and 387th Air Expeditionary Group. It includes active duty, Air National Guard and Air Force Reserve Airmen.

Many of the wing's Airmen are filling Joint Expeditionary Taskings (JET) and serve in the 387th Air Expeditionary Group. These JET Airmen fill U.S. Army combat support and combat service support requirements at bases in Southwest Asia, conducting Combat Logistics Convoys, Personnel Support Operations, Explosive Detection and Chapel Ministry. Additional 387th AEG Airmen are tasked with providing and maintaining continuous combat support, security, communications, contracting and base support services for all forces assigned to and transiting the local international airport.

The wing is home to one of two Contingency Aeromedical Staging Facilities (CASF) in the theater of operations. The CASF serves as a gateway for patients being airlifted to Germany or the United States for further medical treatment.

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