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  • 451st Air Expeditionary Group

    The mission of the 451st Air Expeditionary Group (AEG) is to provide the Resolute Support Commander with overwhelming and decisive effects from the air and space domains in order to maintain an asymmetrical advantage over our adversaries in Afghanistan.  The group currently consists of nine squadrons including A-10s, MQ-9s, KC-135s, E-11s, HH-60s,
  • 455th AEW Fact Sheet

    OVERVIEW The 455th Air Expeditionary Wing is comprised of more than 2,400 Airmen located at Bagram, Jalalabad, and Kandahar airfields. Known as the ‘Vulgar Vultures’, the wing consists of five groups: the 455th Expeditionary Operations Group, the 455th Expeditionary Mission Support Group, the 455th Expeditionary Maintenance Group, the 455th
  • 455th Expeditionary Medical Group

    The 455th Expeditionary Medical Group (EMDG) is the Air Force component for Task Force MED-East, which provides combat medical and combat medical support services to U.S. and coalition forces throughout Afghanistan. Approximately 300 Airmen are assigned to the group that provides emergency, in-patient and out-patient services for thousands of
  • 455th Expeditionary Mission Support Group

    455th Expeditionary Mission Support Group (EMSG): The group provides a wide range of services for the air component commander in support of coalition forces throughout Afghanistan. The 455th EMSG is comprised of six squadrons responsible for personnel accountability, manpower resources, airfield management, billeting, morale and welfare,
  • 455th Expeditionary Operations Group

    The 455th Expeditionary Operations Group (EOG), 455th Air Expeditionary Wing, conducts Close Air Support, Electronic Attack, Combat Search and Rescue, Tactical Airlift, Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance, and Casualty and Aeromedical Evacuation operations in support of Operation ENDURING FREEDOM.The group oversees the daily combat and
  • 455th Expeditionary Maintenance Group

    The 455th Expeditionary Maintenance Group (EMXG) provides combat-ready aircraft and munitions to the air component commander in support of coalition forces throughout Afghanistan. The group is comprised of two squadrons responsible for on- and off-aircraft maintenance and sortie generation of F-16C, C-130J Hercules tactical airlift aircraft,

    The 455th Air Expeditionary Wing traces its heritage back to the "Vulgar Vultures" of the 455th Bombardment Group (Heavy). Activated June 1, 1943 at Alamogordo, New Mexico, different elements of the group trained at bases in New Mexico, Florida and Utah before joining up at Langley Field, Virginia in October 1943 to prepare for deployment to Italy.
  • Camp Cunningham Heritage

    A vast majority of the Airmen assigned to Bagram Airfield, Afghanistan, live on a compound named Camp Cunningham. The camp is named after Pararescueman Senior Airman Jason D. Cunningham, who gave his life in Afghanistan while saving 10 lives and making it possible for seven others who were killed to come home. He was posthumously awarded the Air

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