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Bagram Airfield Base Operator
DSN: (318) 431-1110
Note: If you are not calling from a DSN phone, please do not attempt to dial or use the 318 area code.

455th AEW Public Affairs
DSN: (318) 447-6687

This Web site is maintained by the Air Force 455th AEW Public Affairs office. Click here send us an e-mail.
NOTE: Do not send requests for contracting/work opportunities to this email, they will be automatically deleted.

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FY14 Force Management

For the one central place for the latest FY14 Force Management Program details, go to myPers at https://mypers.af.mil and enter FY14 Force Management Program the search window.

Included on that site includes timelines and criteria for each program. If it's not posted on there, then it's not official. Questions? Contact PERSCO located in Camp Cunningham.


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