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Top Flight is the Rock/Pop showcase group for United States Air Force Central Command.  Its music stretches from the Top 40, pop, dance & country hits of today to popular rock-n-roll classics.  Whether for a military function, community outreach concert or a school assembly, Top Flight inspires audiences with its exciting, high-energy presentation and amazing musicianship, honors our expeditionary Airmen serving around the globe and uses music to connect with the international community and build relationships with our coalition partner nations.  Members of Top Flight are deployed in support of Operations Inherent Resolve and Resolute Support.  Top Flight  honorably represents more than 317,000 Air Force professionals around the world who diligently watch over the skies protecting and defending all those who cherish freedom. We hope you afford us the opportunity to share the messages of excellence, sacrifice, courage and commitment of our brave men and women…the deployed Airmen of the United States Air Force.



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Mission Statement

AFCENT Band ShieldThe U.S. Air Forces Central Command Band is the first permanently assigned Air Force Band to the Central Command Area of Responsibility. Based in Al Udeid Air Base, Qatar,  the band is comprised of deployed Airmen from active duty, Reserve and Air National Guard bands.

These dynamic musicians perform and tour in small ensembles throughout the AOR to positively promote troop morale, diplomacy and outreach to host nation communities. The USAFCENT Band rotates several ensembles through the AOR that perform a wide variety of musical styles to
appeal to audiences of all ages and backgrounds.


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Happy 4th of July from Dushanbe, Tajikistan!
After a seven year absence, the AFCENT Band had the awesome privilege to return to Iraq for a multi-location tour. It was an incredible experience for us to provide our brothers and sisters a taste of home every night, and to say thank you for their hard work every day that keeps the mission moving forward. We were also lucky enough to be invited into the daily lives of our coalition partners, where we continued building bridges and relationships with six allied nations, all while giving them a healthy dose of American music in the process! Thank you to Colonel Stephen Ruth for facilitating this trip, the killer dance moves, and this quote which sums up what we as a band strive to provide at every show- “When the band travels around the AFCENT AOR, they truly lift people up by their unique professional abilities that they bring to the fight. Their music crosses so many chapters of people’s lives that it brings meaning to why they are here, the freedoms that they are fighting to protect, and renews their Calling to Serve. In essence, the AFCENT Band has a very special way of capturing the human spirit and making us all better after spending time with them.”
Here are some more shots from our trip to Iraq. It was a whirlwind, but it was incredibly gratifying!
The AFCENT band recently returned from a 10 day tour at an undisclosed location working alongside our coalition partners and our sister service, the US Army. A huge portion of what helps the military move is our ability to communicate and find common ground with our host nations and partners. In this instance, we are grateful to have played a small part in creating a platform for six countries to come together under one roof for multiple nights of camaraderie, great music, and excellent coffee. Up until those nights, occasions such as those were unheard of. We are grateful for our NATO allies and the roles they play. Thank you for hosting us, building new friendships, and starting new traditions!
What a ride! The AFCENT Band recently returned from multiple locations in Bahrain where we were fortunate enough to play for not only our sister services and coalition partners, but also a memorable series of concerts and workshops for international children. It was a great experience to see hundreds of kids from very diverse backgrounds hanging out and having fun bonding over music. Thank you to our sister service the US Navy as well as the UK’s Royal Navy for your hospitality, friendship, and for being awesome audiences!
The AFCENT Band supported US and coalition partners in an undisclosed location May 12. We will cherish the memories and friendships gained from our allies serving NATO priorities and local citizens to the region. Thank you to everyone who flew us around, helped us drag bags, load gear and worked their magic to make these shows happen. It was an incredible experience!
This past Saturday the AFCENT bands shared the stage at Churchill’s for what was the outgoing band’s last set and the incoming band’s first show of deployment. This tradition of passing the torch, known as the ‘high-five’, has always been a great opportunity for bands to share experiences and trade stories about how to keep the AFCENT band’s mission on an upward trajectory. Extra special thanks to outgoing band, Space-A, for all of their hard work and kindness helping Top Flight get settled in to their new gig. Safe travels guys!
The AFCENT Band recently went on a rewarding and eventful trip to Afghanistan, where we had many opportunities to play for and interact with Afghan citizens and students, as well as American and NATO troops from around the world. It's an honor to be able to build and reinforce relationships between the US and the many countries with which we partner. #usafbands #afcent #nato
Last week the AFCENT Band performed live on Facebook at the US Embassy Kabul for Afghans worldwide. We enjoyed sharing some American songs, as well as legendary Afghan performer, Farhad Darya's "Salamalek". We have greatly appreciated the kindness of our hosts, and it was an honor to communicate the goodwill and friendship of the U.S. through music. If you'd like to skip ahead in the video to watch us perform Salamalek, it starts at 15:30. #usafbands #afcent
We've recently been visiting Afghanistan and had the wonderful opportunity to play for our courageous state department employees at the US Embassy in Kabul. Thank you for your service to the USA and the people of Afghanistan!
It's always a treat for us to interact with children and we recently had the opportunity to visit two schools in the Doha area and share American music with international students. Big thanks to Claudia Davies, Head of Performing and Visual Arts at ACS Doha, who took many pictures and made a video of our visit to ACS. Also, many thanks to the administration of Mesaieed International Primary School, and to music teacher, Mr. Mercer, who played saxophone with us on one tune! https://youtu.be/PLN4idtwLfE #usafbands #afcent
The AFCENT Band recently visited the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, making history by being the first American rock band to play publicly in the Eastern Province, and strengthening the union and friendship between the United States and Saudi Arabia. We are appreciative of the Mayor of the Eastern Province of Saudi Arabia, the US Consul General in Dhahran, and the US Embassy in Riyadh for helping us fulfill Lt Gen Jeffrey L. Harrigian's priority of developing relationships throughout this region. Updated to add: The USAFE rock band, Galaxy, also visited and performed in Saudi Arabia during and after the Gulf War in the 1990's, performing for Embassy events and on military installations. We're grateful to the members of military bands, past and present, who put their personal lives on hold to serve as musical ambassadors throughout this region and all over the world. #usafbands #afcent
We had a great and memorable evening when we played for thousands of locals in downtown Doha at the International Food Festival last month. Thanks to the Qatar Tourism Authority and the US Embassy Doha for making this fun evening possible. Thanks also to our new friend, Nitu Singh Dhillon, for sharing some of these photos she took from the event! #usafbands #afcent #qiff2018
In conjunction with the U.S. Embassy Qatar, the AFCENT Band performed aboard the USS SAMPSON in support of the Doha International Maritime Defence Exhibition & Conference, (DIMDEX). It was our honor to be a part of this program, providing the maritime and security community with access to cutting-edge military technology and the opportunity to build and strengthen relations with key stakeholders. We loved the officers and crew of the USS SAMPSON, and wish them our best in the rest of their deployment! #usafbands #afcent #DIMDEX
We recently had the opportunity to travel to the United Arab Emirates to support US Embassy National Day celebrations and perform for deployed troops. Bringing a bit of fun and a little slice of home to our fellow brothers and sisters in arms is a component of our mission that is very close to our hearts. And we are always honored to be able to participate in events that allow us to solidify relationships with our host nations and the many Americans serving in Embassy positions around the region. #USAFBands #AFCENT
On a recent trip to Pakistan, we had the privilege of sharing music and interacting with children and adults alike. The people of Pakistan welcomed us with open arms and genuine hospitality, and we were grateful for open dialogue that allowed us to appreciate and respect each other’s cultures and further the positive relationship between our two countries. #AFCENT #USAFBands
It was an honor to participate in the National Day festivities in Doha, Qatar on Tuesday night. Qatari and American dignitaries and the many guests in attendance celebrated the relationships our countries have with one another, as well as the ideals we all share and cherish.

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If you have a major event at which you would like the band to perform, contact the AFCENT Band ASAP to make the necessary arrangements. Tour destinations are projected months in advance and require coordination.

DSN 318-437-7135