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U.S. Central Command supports humanitarian assistance, disaster relief efforts in Syria and Türkiye

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  • U.S. Central Command

To support ongoing U.S. assistance led by the U.S. Agency for International Development, CENTCOM moved U.S. military tents from Bahrain to Incirlik Air Base in Türkiye for onward movement to affected areas in Syria and Türkiye.

At the air base, CENTCOM troops downloaded the tents, which can house more than 4,000 displaced people, for transport to areas of need by USAID international partners. In total, CENTCOM sent more than 300,000 pounds of aid. “We extend our deepest condolences to the families who have fallen victim to the Feb. 20th aftershock, which has compounded the suffering of those already impacted by the recent earthquakes,” said Gen. Michael “Erik” Kurilla. “Our focus remains on providing support to the people continuing to suffer as a result of these disasters.

“We’ve been working closely with USAID, the U.S. State Department, the United Nations, and U.S. European Command to determine how to assist and what kind of assistance to provide. That coordination will continue. Throughout CENTCOM, we are committed to providing support as requested to those in need in Syria and Türkiye.”