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U.S. Air Forces Central conducts Bomber Task Force mission

  • Published
  • By U.S. Central Command

U.S. Air Forces Central conducted a Bomber Task Force mission, March 12.

“This Bomber Task Force mission is aimed at building partner capacity,” said Maj. Gen. Mark Slocum, Ninth Air Force (Air Forces Central) deputy commander. “The Coalition conducts these integration events over partner nation airspace to expand our combined global reach and military power projection capabilities.”

The B-52H Stratofortress aircraft integrated with several coalition fighter escort aircraft from 7 nations  as they traversed portions of the CENTCOM area of responsibility, showcasing the ability to rapidly deploy integrated airpower across the region.

AFCENT regularly conducts BTFs centered on strengthening regional partnerships, but the planning and execution of each iteration is unique.  

“Each mission of this length and complexity succeeds by the efforts of our professional Airmen around the globe,” said Slocum. “From those who maintain or fly these bomber, tanker and fighter aircraft, to those behind the scenes who provide the weather forecasts and mission planning for this intricate sequence of escort and refueling across the region, each BTF we execute allows us to cooperate and practice key operational tasks with our partners. This BTF, like many others, continues and deepens a trajectory of collaboration and solidarity with Coalition and Partner forces.”