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Russian unprofessional behavior over Syria - 16 July 2023

  • Published
  • 9th Air Force (Air Forces Central)

“On 16 July at 11:45 am Eastern Standard Time, Russian military aircraft engaged a U.S. aircraft in Syria in an unsafe and unprofessional manner.  A U.S. MC-12 was conducting operations in support of the Coalitions Defeat ISIS mission was closely approached by a Russian Su-35 against established norms and protocols, forcing the MC-12 to fly through its wake turbulence. This reduced the crew’s ability to safely operate the aircraft and put the four crewmembers’ lives at risk. These actions against a manned aircraft represent a new level of unsafe and unprofessional actions by Russian aircraft operating in Syria.  We strongly urge Russian forces in Syria to cease reckless and threatening behavior that could result in an accident and loss of life, and adhere to the standards of behavior expected of a professional force.”

- Attributed to Lt Gen Alex Grynkewich, Commander, 9th AF (AFCENT) and Combined Forces Air Component Commander (CFACC) for CENTCOM.