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Commentary: "Works in progress"

  • Published
  • By Lt. Col. Rene Boissiere
  • Theater Security Cooperation
Last week, the list of technical sergeant promotees was released. Some were chosen for promotion and some were not.

For those selected for promotion, you should be proud that the Air Force saw fit to state on paper you were capable of and demonstrate those qualities expected at the next level. For those not selected for promotion, you should be proud that you had and/or have the opportunity to compete.

The non-selection is not an indictment of you; rather, it means that at this time, you did not make the cut. But, many times a "no" is a "yes." Each time you are faced with a "no" in your life you can use these moments as an opportunity for self-improvement, you can choose a different career path, you can choose to try to acquire an additional skill and you can use the time to become stronger at whatever area potentially kept you from attaining the score needed for promotion.

For those who were selected, the work is not done. Your selection means the Air Force needs you to set an example of its core values, best qualities and expectations of Airmen. Your selection is a confirmation that your hard work paid off. For some, it is a moment to cry and acknowledge that despite what obstacles were in front of you, you were able to persevere and overcome.

As Airmen, we are all works in progress. We all need to edify our strengths and shore up our weaknesses. We all should find one way to utilize our specific, natural-born gift toward making the Air Force a better place to work and live. I pray continued success for all those who were directly impacted by the recent promotion release. Your experience from this milestone can have tremendous impacts on your fellow Airmen and allow yourself to mentor someone else who may be observing your behavior and learn from your example ... just keep working.