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Memories are irreplaceable

  • Published
  • By Capt. Jamie Humphries
  • 438th Air Expeditionary Wing Public Affairs
Each Sunday morning I spent with dad was a pretty special day. I'd usually wake up early knowing full well that he would already be out the door to get his Sunday newspaper, but more importantly I knew he'd also go to the Red Barn gas station to get a dozen maple bar doughnuts. He'd typically bring them home and maybe even surprise me with a carton of chocolate milk.

We'd usually dig right into the maple bars and sit down on the couch preparing for another day in the National Football League. The routine was always the same; I'd watch the pre-game show with Bob Costas and Ahmad Rashad while dad skimmed through sports page looking to see who was on the active roster for the Seahawks that afternoon. I'd always try and sneak a peek at that newspaper before he started in but he'd always slap my hand and tell me "Dad reads the paper first."

Funny thing is I've carried that tradition on with my three boys. I always get up early for a Sunday morning jog and then a trip to the doughnut shop so I can surprise the boys when they wake up. It's certainly funny how we carry on those traditions passed down from our parents, isn't it?

This Father's Day, many Air Force fathers won't be around to bring the boys their sprinkled doughnuts. Many Air Force dads are deployed around the world and will be working on this special day that can only be shared by a father and his children.

I often think about my dad on Father's Day and hope my boys are doing the same especially while I'm gone. I hope they miss those times of playing some catch in the backyard or watching some big time "wrasslin'" or taking a drive to the car wash to get mom's truck looking nice for her. I hope they think about what they miss most about dad and talk about it because I know I sure do.

A very wise man once said "Perhaps the greatest social service that can be rendered by anybody to this country and to mankind is to bring up a family." I really believe in this quote and try to live by its meaning each day especially while I'm away. I take comfort in knowing mom is at home doing her best to play the role of "dad" while dad is gone especially on Father's Day.

I also take comfort in knowing the times I've shared with my boys is as special to them as it is me, and this is only because of the time I shared with my dad was as important to him as it was me.

I encourage you to share these special moments with your kids. Give 'em a hug and tell them you love them and don't be afraid to make some memories. A little hint for you...maple bars do the trick!