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Kandahar Wing hosts Sports Day

  • Published
  • By Col Bernard Mater
  • 738 AEAG Commander
On Oct. 14, the Kandahar Air Wing and their NATO Air Training Command-Afghanistan advisors held their second sports day and picnic. While on face value, the day featured a number of competitions between athletes, there are several deeper meanings to this event.

First, it allows Afghans and Americans to get to know each other in a different venue - sporting and athletic events. This kind of shared activities, and yes rivalry, brings us closer together - especially as the Afghans "schooled" their advisors on how to play Cricket.

Second, there was a noticeable difference in the Afghans' approach to the events.
They were much more organized, more disciplined and demonstrated a great deal of teamwork. For them, it didn't matter which section they worked, or which tribe or where their home was in Afghanistan; what mattered was pulling together. And they did. They handily won more events. KAW teamwork, athletic spirit and competitive drive was very much in evidence!

The other dimension of this day was the shared fun and sportsmanship. Sure, there was passion, sure there were questionable calls, but in the end it was a safe and enjoyable set of activities that helped improve the morale for Afghans and advisors alike.

Afterwards, everyone enjoyed the NATO-provided lunch of hamburgers and beef hot dogs while the Afghan-provided the dessert of Anar pomegranates.

The second "KAW / Advisor Sports Day" was a lot of fun and achieved its goals to bring everyone together, improve morale and allow people to get to know each other a little bit better...bringing us closer together...on the Cricket Pitch, Volleyball Court and other venues, so that as "Yak Team Wahed," our one team can together help achieve stability, safety and security for Afghanistan.