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Is The Air Force In You?

  • Published
  • By By Master Sgt. Angela Fortenberry
  • 451st EMSG First Sergeant
What happened to good order and discipline in the Air Force? What happened to respect for authority or even respect for rules and regulations? I know a deployed location is different from being at home station, but when was that an excuse to lose all common sense? I often find myself wondering how many times I am going to have to remind people to tuck in their shirt, take their headphones out when in unauthorized areas, unroll their t-shirt sleeves or pick up their garbage. It is a sad situation when the little things start to become the main things leadership spends their time talking about, correcting or becoming frustrated about.

NCOs, I ask you to get your AFI 36-2618 and become familiar with it. If you do not know something, try to research before asking someone else. Take the time to understand your place in the big picture. You are not here to be buddies with your subordinates. You are not here to be best friends with everyone. Airmen need leadership and guidance. Set them up for success. That doesn't mean you have to be a tyrant but figure out how to communicate the standards to them and hold them to it...while motivating them. Do not be afraid to tell your Airman they are doing the wrong thing. That also goes for your peers. In fact, you should be able to correct anyone doing the wrong thing as long as you are respectful when you do it.

Everyone in the Air Force should lead by example. No one is beyond the rules. No matter what your AFSC, you should do the right thing. Remember that others are watching you and that includes those coming up behind you. What example are you setting if you think you are too good to wear your hat, reflective belt, or follow the simple rules laid out for "All" of us? I was told by a Chief back at home station that he was in the Air Force twelve years before the Air Force was in him. How many of us are just in the Air Force? When is the Air Force going to be in us?