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Fitness is Free

  • Published
  • By Master Sgt. Angela Fortenberry
  • 451st AEW
 Fitness is more than just taking the PT tests twice a year or participating in unit exercises. Fitness is a way of life. New Year's resolutions and post holiday plans are great but only if you stick to your plan.

Every year the gyms become packed right after New Years with people swearing they are going to make a change. What happened during the prior year? Was it a PT failure, an EPR coming up or a potential promotion? What happened to wanting to take care of yourself because you want to live a long life? What happened to wanting to be healthy for your kids, your spouse and especially for yourself? The excuse about not having enough time is the best. It takes about thirty minutes a day to participate in some sort of physical activity. You can walk, go the gym or even do something in your room. It doesn't take a lot of space or imagination. You can do leg lifts at your desk, squats in the office, push-ups every hour, or just get up and walk the hall-ways every so often. A small start is at least a start.

In 2009 the Center for Disease Control and Prevention reported that only two states had a self-reported obesity prevalence less than 20%. Not one state reached the 15% goal and nine states were over 30%. A lack of exercise and an abundance of fast food is a large contributor to obesity.

Overeating is also a factor in obesity, especially over-eating unhealthy food. With the increase of inexpensive, high calorie, fast food combined with sedentary lifestyles, it is no surprise obesity has increased all over the world. Here at KAF portion control is on you. Most of us know the dining facilities will pile on as much food as they can and some individuals still ask for more. Let's not forgot the places on the boardwalk and yummy Tim Horton's. These places don't have to be avoided but we shouldn't be lined up outside the doors everyday getting our fix. Individuals need to burn off more than they take in but that isn't new information. People need to start caring enough about their life to make a change.

Don't be the person that starts caring because a promotion is coming, an evaluation is due or the multiple PT failures are stacking up. Those are important reasons to get your act together but the most important reason should be about your life, your health, and your family. Take this opportunity to make a lifestyle change.
Leave here with a new found freedom because fitness is free.