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Strive to achieve goals on deployments

  • Published
  • By Master Sgt. Harley Davis
  • 451st Expeditionary Maintenance Squadron first sergeant
For many of us here on Kandahar Airfield, this isn't our first time deploying. Being deployed is a great opportunity to establish new goals, stride for or even complete previous goals. Let me define what a goal is. A goal can be defined as "an observable and measurable end result having one or more objectives to be achieved within a more or less fixed timeframe.

For some of us, we tend to establish improving our fitness as a goal. And being at a deployed location, it's an excellent opportunity to work on your fitness. Even though we work longer hours and more days, there is plenty of time for fitness. Not only is there time, but several opportunities to assist you with reaching that goal. And if you were not aware, Kandahar has several fitness centers. Each fitness center offers a variety of classes. You can find classes from spinning, circuit training, core circuit and more.

Even as deployed Airmen, we still have a responsibility to maintain our fitness readiness. Staying physically fit will not only help you health wise, but it will help upon your return to home station. Here's why: some Airmen will be assessed on their fitness after the period of acclimatization. Acclimatization is 42 days from return to home station. Whether you've been here two days or two months, it's never too late to work towards your goal. All of us should be able to leave KAF prepared and ready to take our fitness assessment.

OK, I know some Airmen might not have fitness as their goal. Maybe trying to get promoted is that goal. If it is, make sure you allot some time to study the Professional Development Guide and your career development course for those who have CDCs. One thing I've learned is that studying an hour a day can make a difference. Whether it's morning, afternoon or evening, find the time to study when you're not so tired.

So, maybe fitness and promotion wasn't your goal. How about education? Some Airmen decide to continue their pursuit of education and others decided to start taking classes again. Both of those are great and KAF has two opportunities for you. There's Central Texas College, a school geared towards an associate's degree, and there's the University of Maryland University College, which offers associate degrees and higher. You can find classes from eight to 16 weeks. Even if you don't like class room settings, there are online schools too.

Each and every one of us probably has fewer distractions here compared to being at home, so take this time to either establish, meet and exceed whatever goal or goals you have. At the end of the day, a goal is the end toward which efforts are directed.