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AF family celebrates holidays at KAF

  • Published
  • By Master Sgt. Wenesday Traylor
  • 73rd Expeditionary Air Control Squadron First Sergeant
After celebrating a recent birthday with a fellow first sergeant, I received an email letting me know he appreciated spending his special day with his Air Force family. With the holidays right around the corner, it gave me cause to reflect on what spending the holidays with our Air Force family would be like.

Our Airman continue to do phenomenally at their respective jobs from providing the air picture to delivering air power; keeping us safe, healthy and ready to bring what we have to the fight. This is evident in the pride people take in their work and the "get 'er done" attitude of every Airman I have spoken to. They know we are a vital part of an important mission.

Our families back home have provided overwhelming support; thousands of care packages and goodies have made their way into every work center.

Christmas cards are in abundant supply to send home to your loved ones, thanks to Operation Write Home. One company even shipped over 1,200 filled stockings to us - incredible. We are really blessed.

Our surroundings are different, but the festive season is definitely upon us -- lights, stockings, and even Santa in the back of a truck. People have gotten really creative with decorating ideas for trees. You don't need so many lights on your tree if you use reflective belts as a garland, and earplugs and grease pencils are so much more when you put them on a tree. You can't listen to "Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer" and not be in a better mood.

Our supervisors are taking care of their Airmen. They know the holidays can be hard for some and know when to step in and ask, "Is everything okay?" They know how to motivate and to keep their Airmen motivated to keep doing the mission. Our Airmen excel at taking care of each other.

I spoke with some folks at the dining facility and they were discussing what they needed to do to help their roommate out of a funk. They treat each other with consideration and professionalism, and know and care about their co-workers, and can tell if someone needs to vent or be left alone.

There are some differences, but the bottom line is: although we would probably like to be somewhere else, part of us is glad to be here.

On behalf of every first sergeant ... thank you for helping us celebrate the 2009 holiday season with our Air Force family.