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  • CJTF-OIR mission brings twin brothers together during deployment

    Throughout the history of the military it has remained common for generations of men and women to follow in their family members’ footsteps and serve their country proudly. It’s also not unheard of for siblings to join together and serve together.

  • Weather Airmen keep mission moving

    For most people deployed in the desert, the only concern with the weather is how uncomfortably hot it’s going to be when the work day starts. But changes in the weather play a huge role in how several missions around base are conducted, and without accurate forecasts and environmental intelligence,

  • U.S. and Coalition forces rely on Weather Airman

    Making sure deployed units are able to complete their mission on a daily basis is a common contribution goal. The weather flight here at Al Udeid helps those units forecast their daily missions for a safe journey or return. Doha, Qatar is home to variable weather patterns that can change suddenly or

  • Bagram manages weather radar system for wide part of Afghanistan

    The weather flight here holds the responsibility of managing the only weather radar system that impacts a wide swath of the rugged country of Afghanistan, impacting operations from Bagram to Kabul to Jalalabad. Having the responsibility of managing the region’s weather radar, the 455th Expeditionary