Farewell T-bolts, hello Madhatters

  • Published
  • By Tech Sgt. Eboni Reams
  • 332nd Air Expeditionary Wing

The 492nd Expeditionary Fighter Squadron deployed from Royal Air Force Lakenheath, England has begun combat operations at the 332nd Air Expeditionary Wing  at an undisclosed location in Southwest Asia.

The squadron changed over with 389th EFS personnel, nicknamed T-bolts,  who had been deployed to the 332nd AEW for the past six months.

The wing’s mission to sustain, execute, and generate airpower requires much of the fighter squadrons carrying out the Combined Force Air Component Commander’s air tasking order daily. The 492nd EFS personnel, nicknamed "Madhatters" for their tradition of adopting the headgear unique to the country in which they’re based, have arrived and have fully taken the reigns of combat operations.

“The performance of the men and women from the 389th EFS and aircraft maintenance unit was nothing short of extraordinary,” said Col. Clinton Eichelberger, 332nd AEW wing commander. “Their commitment to the mission and to each other resulted in record breaking accomplishments when it was needed the most - in combat. They've selflessly answered our nation's call and served proudly.”


The 389th EFS service was part of a larger effort and their successes bolstered partner forces on the ground.


“Most importantly, their flawless execution and support to our coalition partners on the battlefield has moved us closer to achieving our national objectives of defeating ISIS,” added Eichelberger.  “Their historic deployment is yet another chapter in the proud heritage of the 332 AEW Tuskegee Airmen.”


With another chapter written, but the book not complete, 492nd EFS personnel are excited for the opportunity to write upon the pages of history. The Madhatters are not new to combat operations, and stand ready to fulfill all necessary challenges.


“The 389th EFS sustained an incredible track record of performance,” said Lt. Col. Jeremy Renken, 492nd EFS commander. “Their team excelled in every mission for which the F-15E could be tasked. We are proud to pick up the torch and hungry to continue providing the CFACC precise, professional, disciplined airpower.”