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Red Tails Spotlight: Staff Sgt. Natalie Gray

  • Published
  • By Staff Sgt. Dana J. Cable
  • 407th Air Expeditionary Group Public Affairs

What is one of your proudest achievements in your military career?

I have a lot of proud moments since I’ve joined, but I think my time in the Scott Air Force Base Honor Guard is my favorite. I can’t pick one day during that period that wasn’t rewarding. I’d easily do it again, any day.

What is your contribution to the 332nd AEW mission?

As NCO in charge of protocol, I ensure distinguished visitors, coalition partners, and sister service members that are visiting our installation have ease of access through the base and a comfortable place to stay while they are here. I also work group level visits and events, and support unit level visits and events as needed. I am also the unit travel representative for group staff, managing deploy, redeploy and intra-theatre travel.

Is there a leader, from your career or personal life, who influenced you? If so, who, and how did they affect the way you’ve approached your Air Force career?

My old supervisor and co-worker, now 1st Lt. Yaronczyk. She was like a long lost big sister and one of the first female leaders I connected with in my Air Force career. She helped solidify my skills in creating and accomplishing goals, time management, finding work and life balance, all while being an amazing supervisor, mentor and friend.

Airmen often face a significant challenge or watershed moment early on in their careers that influence their formation as leaders. Did you have any moments like these that helped shape you into the Airman you are today?

Yes. I always try to turn any loss in life into a lesson. Every day is a learning experience to me.

What values and ethics are the most important to you?

I value hard work and the “Golden Rule”.

What are some of your goals for the future?

My future goals include completing my bachelor’s degree in diagnostic sonography and living somewhere warm with my dog and future pets.