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Yes, ma'am

  • Published
  • By Senior Airman Gabriel Ware
  • 332nd Expeditionary Maintenance Group

So…. something here has been brought to my attention

In this world that we live in with some not so great intentions

And it’s that we don’t know what to say to show appreciation

For the women in the world who fought discrimination

But I’ll say…yes, ma’am


Once you witness the greatest, you’re never going to forget it

In fact let’s look on back at the women who did it


Susan B. Anthony found the strength to PROMOTE

The idea of woman suffrage and now women can vote

Ms. Florence was ready to work in her profession

Healing on the battlefield, showing women are a blessing

Harriet Tubman started moving the slaves

Madame C. moved money, and started getting paid

Matter of fact I want to say the amount was a million

Oprah Winfrey came up and then went for the billion

And Hey Bessie Coleman, one of those female pilots

People said she couldn’t do it but as you can see she denied it 

Man, people tried it

Like Ms. O’Conner in court

Supreme Justice of all trials no matter the sort

These women saw others and said, “I don’t want to fail them”

And if I saw them today I would tell them, yes, ma’am


And as a side note, hey here’s a surprise

Behind that beauty disguised Maya told me they rise

They support, they love, they populate the earth

Turning men into fathers and give our last names worth

You would you think that this group that give all that they’ve got

Would be more appreciated for all that they fought

From voting, to serving, to the clothes that they wear

From to working, to learning, put jets in the air

All the things men did that they said women couldn’t do

Discrimination didn’t stop them and they still getting through


Are you important? Yes, ma’am

Are you great? Yes, ma’am

You don’t need a bunch of likes from the guys on the gram 

Are you needed? Yes, ma’am

Are you loved? Yes, ma’am

On a personal note you even showed me who I am 

So now I’ll say, Yes, ma’am

You exceeded expectation

So I’ll follow your lead while we fight discrimination