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Celebrating 75 years of the USAF!

  • Published
  • By Air Force Life Cycle Public Affairs

The Air Force was officially formed on 18 September 1947. Today marks a historic milestone for the world's greatest Air Force! A letter to note the occasion from Secretary of the Air Force Frank Kendall follows: 

Airmen - Seventy-five years ago, having defeated two major global powers in a world war and facing a looming confrontation with a third, our nation established the Department of the Air Force and the United States Air Force.  In less than four decades, human-powered flight had matured from a curiosity to an undeniable strategic advantage.  Our Nation needed military professionals dedicated to securing the high ground, and we answered that call.
Today, I am honored to serve alongside you as we celebrate our 75th anniversary and reflect on the contributions of the Airmen who have defended our nation.  We are now two services, but we remain true to our common roots, even as new generations lead us forward. From Cold War competition to current operations in the skies above the Pacific and Eastern Europe, we have accelerated to meet the demands of a rapidly changing world. We have stayed ahead of our pacing
challenges through continuous innovation of our systems, operational concepts, and tactics.  While we can never repay the sacrifices of our Airmen and their families, we have worked to ensure they have the resources they need to thrive. Empowered Airmen-past and present-have been indispensable teammates and a competitive edge for joint and coalition forces.
We will always be there to provide the airpower that defends our homeland, deters or defeats our adversaries, reassures our partners and allies, and helps our diplomacy proceed from a position of strength. Thank you for all you do to fly, fight and win!
One Team, One Fight!   
Frank Kendall
Secretary of the Air Force