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332d First Sergeant Symposium Graduation

  • Published
  • By Tech. Sgt. Jim Bentley
  • 332d Air Expeditionary Wing

The 332d Air Expeditionary Wing First Sergeant Symposium graduation ceremony took place Dec. 22, 2022. This marks the end of eight weeks of education on emotional intelligence, resilience, effective communication and other skills vital to the role.


A First Sergeant, also known as a “First Shirt,” often serves as a bridge between the enlisted force and their upper leadership. They are responsible for upholding morale, well-being and discipline among their assigned Airmen, and advise their Commander on those issues.


The graduates are:

Tech. Sgt. Sheryl Aber

Tech. Sgt. Sarah Albee

Staff Sgt. Kaymaun Alexander

Master Sgt. Brandon Altman  

Master Sgt. Thomas Barry

Tech. Sgt. Eric Beck

Master Sgt. Steven Carter

Tech. Sgt. Christopher Conner

Tech. Sgt. Jeremy Degiorgio

Master Sgt. Bryant Devalkenaere

Tech. Sgt. Nicholas Durham

Master Sgt. Brian Fonseca

Master Sgt. David Hancock

Master Sgt. Jennifer Harvey

Tech. Sgt. Peter Hilleren

Tech. Sgt. James Hoglin

Tech. Sgt. Brady Jackson

Tech. Sgt. Zachary Johnson

Tech. Sgt. Deidre Jones

Tech. Sgt. Nicholas Lamendola

Tech. Sgt. Cameron Lane

Tech. Sgt. David McQuay

Tech. Sgt. Matthew Miller

Tech. Sgt. Lee Morris

Tech. Sgt. Thomas Neer

Tech. Sgt. Courtney Papic

Tech. Sgt. Heather Sanders

Tech. Sgt. William Soffera

Tech. Sgt. Stanley Tarasewicz

Tech. Sgt. Zackary Trissell

Tech. Sgt. Austin Tyler

Tech. Sgt. Dustin Vanmeter

Master Sgt. Brett Wessels

Master Sgt. Jacob Wilson