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Airpower Leadership Academy Graduation

  • Published
  • By Tech. Sgt. Jim Bentley
  • 332d Air Expeditionary Wing

The 332d Air Expeditionary Wing recognized graduates of the newest class of Airpower Leadership Academy on December 22. This ceremony marked the end of a nine-week class designed to teach leadership development and other topics to benefit the member’s growth as a leader and an Airman.


As students progressed, they developed their own unique leadership styles based on their individual experiences as well as those of their wingmen.


The graduates for the class of winter 2022 are:

1st Lt. Lenin Quiroz

Senior Airman William Johnson

Tech. Sgt. Dean Heckel

Tech. Sgt. Christopher Johnson

Staff Sgt. Nicholas Hinckley

Staff Sgt. Shyree McCants

Staff Sgt. Brian Davenport

Staff Sgt. James Sims

Staff Sgt. Joseph LeClair

Staff Sgt. Andrew Ferguson

Tech. Sgt. Ricky Vickers

Staff Sgt. Devonte Young

Staff Sgt. Joel Ramirez

Staff Sgt. Kyle Smith

Staff Sgt. Nathan Langdon

Staff Sgt. Marciano Marcelo

Staff Sgt. Wilfred Sanchez

Senior Airman Joseph Byrne

Senior Airman Diaice Kozan

1st Lt. Zoya Kidd 19

Senior Airman Neve Heck

Tech. Sgt. Ryan Torres

Staff Sgt. Seth Allan

Staff Sgt. Christian McCabe

Staff Sgt. Brendan Laguna-Senne

Staff Sgt. Alexis Alford

Staff Sgt. Dennis Brown

Staff Sgt. Telena Martinez

Staff Sgt. Cesar Dias

Senior Airman Tanner Neal

Staff Sgt. Corey Rankin

Staff Sgt. Pagianna Boykin

Tech. Sgt. Cole Clifton

Staff Sgt. Durwood Hankinson

Staff Sgt. Brandon Watkins

Staff Sgt. John Marsh

Senior Airman Javon Frye

Staff Sgt. Danika Casey

2nd Lt. Villarreal Sarah

Tech. Sgt. Eric Beck

Senior Airman Delilah Lopez

Tech. Sgt. Brian Wilharber

Staff Sgt. Esmeralda Pabon

Staff Sgt. Austin Hutchins

Staff Sgt. Ange Boria

Senior Airman Arturo Delgado

Tech. Sgt. Nicole Hoke

Tech. Sgt. Andrew Chadwick

Staff Sgt. Gay Gabriella

Tech. Sgt. Lazaro Robinson

Tech. Sgt. Mark Prichard

Tech. Sgt. Berg Ryan

Tech. Sgt. Ian Desoto

Staff Sgt. Clarissa Munoz