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Red Tail University Graduation

  • Published
  • By Tech. Sgt. Jim Bentley
  • 332d Air Expeditionary Wing

The 332d Air Expeditionary Wing hosted a graduation ceremony for Red Tail University on January 5, 2023. RTU is an Airman-led organization that teaches a variety of leadership and quality-of-life topics such as anger management, emotional intelligence, and supervision.

Certificates were granted based on two tiers of participation. The Leader level of recognition was reserved for Airmen who completed at least 15 classes and taught at least one. The Mentor level was granted to Airmen who completed at least 20 courses, and taught at least three.

The Leader level graduates were Tech. Sgt. Austin Kotch and Senior Airman Arturo Delgado.

The Mentor level graduates were:

Senior Airman Charleen Anderson

Staff Sgt. Patrick Cabrera

Senior Airman Nicholas combs

Staff Sgt. jamal Dennis

Tech. Sgt. Melissa Estrada

Tech. Sgt. Dean Heckel

Staff Sgt. Charity Jones

Senior Airman Christy McGrew

Tech. Sgt. Richard Mekkri

Tech. Sgt. Caleb Miller

Staff Sgt. Joseph Obnial

Senior Airman Salem Rhea

Senior Master Sgt. Nicole Synowicz

Tech. Sgt. Dustin Vanmeter

Staff Sgt. Brandon Watkins

Tech. Sgt. Robert Benjamin