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378 ECES lays new water lines at Prince Sultan Air Base

  • Published
  • By SSgt Cary Smith
  • 378th AEW/PA

Constant improvements and upgrades occur at Prince Sultan Air Base, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, every day.

Recently, Airmen from the 378th Expeditionary Civil Engineer Squadron began installing a new water and sewer line on July 27th, 2020.

The pipelines were the third set of water lines laid down to carry water and sewage from a reserve storage tank to other parts of the base.

“When this project is finished, it will be part of a full loop system where everyone will have dependable, equal water pressure throughout the base,” said Tech. Sgt. Waters, 378th ECES non-commissioned officer in charge of projects.

According to Waters, this particular section will run approximately 600 yards to connect both the G and H block of tents and a future facility site to the 165,000-gallon reservoir. The new facilities are projected to be completed within the next four months and will have new latrine and shower accommodations that need the water hook up.  

“We have almost a dozen Airmen from two units involved with this project, the water and fuels system maintenance and the pavements and heavy equipment sections, known as the dirt boys,” said Waters.

Airmen from the pavement and heavy equipment section used large construction equipment to dig a trench along the route first. Then the water and fuels system maintenance Airmen built the pipeline, piecing PVC pipe together in the trench with special adhesive and joints called hubs. Finally, they covered each hub before another dirt boy filled in the trench.

“While we’re working, our focus is on making sure there is a good seal at each hub and that we are getting as much done in a day as we can,” said Senior Airman Bailey. “It’s good getting the project plan from our leadership and then making it actually happen in the real world.”

Once the new line is in place, the 378th ECES Airmen will continue installing the looped system to connect medical tents, the fire station, and the A and B block of tents.

Projects like these will help Prince Sultan Air Base have more capability and sustainability in supporting the mission moving forward.