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Deliveryman to Airman; Wingman’s AF story

  • Published
  • By Senior Airman Cynthia A. Innocenti
  • 379th Air Expeditionary Wing Public Affairs

AL UDEID AIR BASE, Qatar—Airman 1st Class Jared Traughber, a client support administrator with the 379th Expeditionary Operations Support Squadron, didn’t plan on joining the U.S. Air Force; now he doesn’t plan on leaving.


“I really had no idea that I would enlist, that is until my mother got a call from my recruiter telling her how well I did on the ASVAB,” said Traughber.


Traughber said the recruiter’s interest in him kick started his dreams of enlisting in the Air Force, but what convinced him to join was his motivation to continue his education and the benefits provided by the Air Force.


“I had been a delivery driver at Jason’s Deli for years,” said Traughber. “I thought it was time to move out of Texas and get out of my comfort zone.”


Now Traughber is on his first deployment and working as a client support administrator at Al Udeid Air Base, supporting Operations Inherent Resolve and Freedom’s Sentinel.


“I may not be living in a tent, but I know that my job is vital to the mission and the mission here is so important.”


As a client support administrator, he trouble shoots communication channels for the 379th EOSS commander and deputy commander. He ensures operability of communication channels at the squadron level which means dealing with security groups for organizationally shared emails, shared drives, email distribution lists, installing software, backing up data and the proper completion of waivers for hard drive approval.


“I support the client; if their workstations don’t work properly, then they can’t do their job properly,” said Traughber.


In addition to his duties as a client support administrator, he has delegated duties as a client support liaison. Those duties include, but are not limited to, the reporting of any network incidents like discharges of classified information when a file is moved from a classified to an unclassified system, and incoming personnel account creation.


“I didn’t want this job originally, I wanted to be in aircraft maintenance,” said Traughber. “I ultimately chose it so I could go to basic military training earlier and little did I know I’d love the job I got and want to make a career out of it.”


When he is not deployed, he works in the 20th Communications Squadron at Shaw AFB, South Carolina, as an application services technician. Here at Al Udeid AB, Traughber said he is dedicated to the mission and knows his impact on wing operations.


“Basically if someone’s computer goes down or loses connectivity it stops most of their job capabilities. The squadron I work in makes sure that doesn’t happen or figures out how to fix it.”


He said this is especially important as the 379th EOSS deals with so many different operations that play an important part in sending out aircraft and providing a safe airfield to land at.


“I am proud to be in the Air Force because I have the ability to support hard working Airmen every day and be part of a small piece connected to a larger puzzle,” said Traughber. “I love watching how all of the different flights work together.”


Traughber said that if he eventually decides to work in the information technology field as a civilian he will have many avenues because of the training he received in the Air Force. 


“Since IT is such a broad spectrum of opportunities it's basically just up to how ambitious you are,” added Traughber. “I could get out and work on computers at a small store or I could go work for a large company as a datacenter administrator.”


Those opportunities will have to wait though. Until the day Traughber finishes his duties in the Air Force, he plans to continue serving the country one keystroke at a time.