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Host nation supports our mission, we support our neighbors

  • Published
  • By Staff Sgt. Enjoli Saunders
  • 379 AEW

Host nation supports our mission, we support our neighbors

Global peace depends greatly on collaboration. For this to occur, respect, communication and understanding of other cultures is necessary. The U.S works with many countries around the world to help grow and build international relationships. One group has decided to go the extra mile by creating a platform where people can volunteer to better the host nation, and themselves.

A military volunteer group, Jar Saleh, meaning good neighbor in Arabic, works alongside the host nation’s community groups to continue a good faith relationship through acts of kindness and generosity.

Jar Saleh differs from other volunteer organizations on base because it is unique to Al Udeid. The organization has been around for more than seven years, but just recently became recognized by the President of the United States through the President’s Volunteer Service Award program. The group was initiated for accomplishing more than 1,000 hours of community service over the past 12 months. This award allows Jar Saleh to acknowledge and reward their members.

“Being involved with this organization has broadened my outlook, respect and appreciation for culture and diversity,” said Staff Sgt. Brittani McClure, president of Jar Saleh. “We are trying to create strong ties not only with the local nationals here, but also with the people that are stationed here.”

The group volunteers for a variety of events year-round to include cleaning beach shores in collaboration with the Doha Environmental Actions Project, preparing and delivering donation packages to local orphanages and sporting events at the American School of Doha.


 “I choose to volunteer with Jar Saleh because we get to work with the locals and our efforts provide a nice, clean area for families to come out and have a fun,” said Staff Sgt. Brandon Gentry, active member of Jar Saleh. “This is my second time volunteering with the organization. I’m a big environmentalist, especially protecting the wildlife and this aligns with what they are about.”

As the newly appointed president, McClure’s priorities are to broaden the organization’s outreach by having a Jar Saleh representative in every squadron as well as creating an archive of records and documentation for new members taking over committee positions. This will bring consistency and continuity throughout the association.  

“Because the organization is run by deployed personnel, a permanent party presence would be significant in keeping the continuity to help sustain the organization,” said McClure. “This is important for things such as renewing our organizational paperwork, since I won’t be here when the time comes.”

According to Jar Saleh leadership, the goals and expectations set for the group will create a stronger program and strengthen the relationship and involvement with the host nation.

“This organization provides the opportunity to see and understand a different culture, especially if it’s your first time overseas,” said McClure. “We are showing good faith; we are not here to be disruptive, we are here to get our mission done but also give back and thank the host nation of Qatar.”