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Out with the old in with the new

  • Published
  • By Staff Sgt. Ashley L. Gardner
  • 379th Air Expeditionary Wing/Public Affairs

This month, the 8th Expeditionary Air Mobility Squadron Airmen, changed the way they process people for redeployment. The old process was not only taxing for the Airmen working but redeployers as well.

Before passengers get on a flight departing the installation, several things have to happen. Members must first process through the Personnel Support for Contingency Operations team, check-in for their flight and then clear customs with our host nation partners.

Previously, redeployers were allowed to check in 24-hours prior to departure. At check-in members would receive their boarding pass, clear customs and then be released until six hours before take-off. Once returning to the facility, the passenger terminal Airmen would constantly be on the move.

“After the group arrives at the terminal, we would separate them into small groups,” said Master Sgt. Joseph Lathwood, 8th EAMS passenger service superintendent. “Once we organized everyone, we would put them on a second manifest to be processed [through customs].”

The passenger terminal team, came up with new ideas to alleviate the stress for members redeploying home.

Now, during the initial visit to the PAX terminal, the 8th EAMS Airmen prepare travel documents, break people up in groups, known as chalks, and check-in baggage.

Although a bit different, the new process is more effective and efficient.  

“Everything is setup from the start so [members] don’t have to come back to the terminal until three hours before departure,” said Lathwood. “The redeployment process has been cut in half. So now, the customer only has to show up three hours before take-off.”

The new process illustrates that setting up chalks, and processing paperwork upfront is more efficient for everyone.

“Since we started doing this chalking process it seems like it is better on the passenger,” said Tech. Sgt. Jenine Wixom, 8th EAMS passenger terminal dayshift supervisor. “It’s one less step that they have to go through and saves everyone time.”