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379th AEW SAPR bolsters the Teal Rep corps

  • Published
  • By Staff Sgt. Stefan Alvarez
  • 379th Air Expeditionary Wing Public Affairs

One of the most predominant issues that is a constant struggle to mitigate in the military is sexual assault. Fortunately, the Air Force has its own Sexual Assault Prevention and Response units across the force that work hard to inform and assist those affected by the devastating events.

The 379th Air Expeditionary Wing SAPR office trains volunteers to become “Teal Reps”, formerly known as “SAPR Reps”, who serve as a force multiplier and are rooted representatives in the many squadrons across the base.

“The transition from SAPR Rep to Teal Rep was made due to the potentially misleading name of SAPR Reps being seen as having confidentiality, which they do not have,” said Staff Sgt. Brandon Griebel, 379th Air Expeditionary Wing SAPR victim advocate. “Teal Reps are an additional resource embedded within the unit that can help provide information regarding SAPR and helping agency resources to survivors.”

Teal Reps are a valuable resource for any unit to have, but it’s important to know the distinction between them and actual SAPR victim advocates or Sexual Assault Response Coordinators.

“Teal Reps lack the privileges that restricted reporters have such as SARCs, Victim Advocates, chaplains and healthcare providers,” Griebel said. “If a Teal Rep receives a report, they cannot maintain confidentiality and may inform the appropriate agencies to launch an investigation. Not all survivors want that to happen.”

Teal Rep training gives members a more intricate and detailed understanding of the SAPR program and how they can help victims that come to them. Teal Reps are not confined by any specific career field or branch of service, meaning anyone can volunteer.

“Teal Reps are personnel who have obtained a higher level of knowledge regarding the SAPR program,” said Griebel. “Every Teal Rep must obtain their supervisor’s recommendation and complete the eight-hour training program. This program, unlike the victim advocate, is open to all Airmen, as well as joint and coalition partners.”

To become a rep, volunteers must fill out a supervisors recommendation form, and complete the training course, as well as coordinate and disseminate information with the SAPR office.

If you are interested in becoming a representative within your unit or would like to learn more, call the SAPR office at DSN 455-4426/4427 or email