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New dorms increase safety and quality of life for AUAB Airmen

  • Published
  • By Master Sgt. Michael Kelly
  • 379th Air Expeditionary Wing

Construction of three new dormitories was completed during a two week window from June 17th, 2022 through July 1st, 2022. As part of an ongoing multi-year base development project here, AUAB Airmen will now be able to transition over from “double stack” lodging into the new dormitories.

The new dormitories are three storied, hardened facilities each with 296 rooms, 1102 bed spaces, 266 quad rooms and 30 suites. For the 1,200 airmen who to transition to them they will have in-suite showers, increased Wi-Fi bandwidth, large recreational rooms, and free in-house laundry facilities. These features look to significantly improve quality of life for both Airmen stationed at AUAB as well as transient tenants.

“Opening of the new facilities and additional bed spaces allows us to discontinue the use of trailers as transient bed space and transitions transient lodging to the ‘double stack facilities,” said Capt. Joseph Appenzeller, 379th Expeditionary Force Support Squadron operations officer.

The new dormitories provide increased safety by acting as splinter proof shelters, thus allowing Airmen to shelter in-place while off duty, instead of seeking cover in bunkers.

The development of new dormitories looks to standardize hardened lodging facilities for all AUAB Airmen assigned, providing safety and protection. The transition’s goal is to solidify unit integrity and provide the ability to quickly respond and maintain accountability in a crisis situation. Unit integrity re-enforces command and control, allowing for more effective warfighter capabilities.

“This project finalizes the AUAB vision of unit integrity, adding ease of command and control in a crisis situation and promoting good order and discipline with unit members living amongst each other,” said Appenzeller.

The next phase of dormitory development is projected to be completed by Spring 2023, and are projected to house both AUAB Airmen as well as joint and coalition partners. They will feature expedited lodging check-in procedures by combining the lodging office and linen check-out. This housing seeks to streamline the process for permanent party and transient party and will coincide with a brand new dining facility within walking distance. To make room, several facilities will be demolished to allow ample space for these developments.