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Legacy trailers demolished to clear way for new facilities

  • Published
  • By Staff Sgt. Dana Tourtellotte

The much-anticipated demolition of trailer-based lodging that began in November 2021, which accounts for 3,800 beds, is projected to conclude December 2022. The demolition is happening simultaneously with the opening of new dorm style lodging in hardened facilities which will be capable of providing 6,000 beds.

The demolition project, which was approved and contracted in mid-2021, cost $950,000 to complete and will save an estimated 1.2 million dollars in annual sustainment costs.

“It costs twice as much to put an Airman in a room in a trailer as it does one of the new dorm style rooms in hardened facilities” said U.S. Captain Jared Johnson, 379th Expeditionary Civil Engineer Squadron special project manager.

Since the inception of the trailers in 2004, they have provided essential housing for deployed personnel, transient personnel and more recently, displaced persons at AUAB. The removal of the trailers will allow more room to make other improvements to the base.

“There are future plans for the recreational facilities in that area to be renovated such as the Memorial Plaza replacing the Coalition Compound gym facilities with a new fitness center,” said Johnson.

The trailers have supported approximately 288,000 residents during their tenure at AUAB and were a substantial improvement to the tents which were commonplace lodging prior to the arrival of the trailers.

The amenities provided by the trailers were individual temperature control units for each room, mattresses, and hardened restroom facilities.

The demolition cost for this project was kept low by the fact that the contractors will be able to recycle the materials from the demolition. The demolition includes the elimination of 19 Cadillac trailers, a sewage pump, 15 thousand yards of walkways and sunshades, 600 linear feet of HESCO barriers and a wind damaged entry control point awning.

“We have a presence in this part of the world and Al Udeid Air Base is that presence” said U.S. Air Force Major Jacob Flatz, Deputy Commander 379th Expeditionary Civil Engineer Squadron. “As we transition these facilities into a permeant footprint, it solidifies our presence here which gives us the capability to use Al Udeid Air Base as a platform to support any of our national security objectives for years to come.”