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  • AUAB celebrates Air Force’s 68th Birthday

    Airmen in the Independence Dining Facility stand at attention singing the Air Force Song during the cake cutting ceremony Sept. 18, 2015, at Al Udeid Air Base, Qatar. The cake cutting ceremony is traditionally performed by the oldest and youngest Airman. This year marks 68 years of military

  • Warriors posed to break Yoga record at Al Udeid Air Base

    An orange shimmer casted over Qatar as the sun began to shed light through the dusty haze at 0400; figures emerged from the distance, shoes came off, mats were laid and aura of calm settled with the men and women that would soon be part of the largest yoga session held in Qatar history. Yoga

  • AUAB All-Stars and Qatari military score big during soccer scrimmage

    Soccer and كرة القدم have completely different pronunciations here in Qatar.  However, the word ‘partnership’ does not. SeveralU.S. and Qatari military members competed in a 70 minute soccer match tocelebrate the U.S. Army 240th birthday June 14, 2015 at Al Udeid Air Base,Qatar.On a regularbasis