Studio Information


The 379th AEW Public Affairs photo studio operates by appointment only out of Building #6671 (Wing Ops Center), on Mondays and Tuesdays from 0900-1100. 

Each studio customer is responsible for preparing their uniform and ensuring compliance with AFI 36-2903.


Public Affairs will provide support for award photos, command photos, special programs and special duty package photos only.

*For Awards, Public Affairs provides official photos for Annual Award winners at the group-level and above.

*Public Affairs has the right to cancel appointments that are not in accordance with the AFIs.

NOTE: Chain of command displays are authorized for Commanders from squadron up to wing level in unit hierarchy as well as command chiefs and first sergeants (AFI 35-101).

How to book your appointment:

1. Download and fill out an AF Form 833 from our SSOT Page. Complete forms 7-24, and email the completed form to If you need printed copies, be sure to detail the number of printed copies you need, and what size they need to be (5x7 or 8x10) on your 833.

2. Proceed to the our scheduling website ( and book an appointment. 

3. Once we see that you have completed both steps, we will send you an Outlook calendar invite with details on how to proceed.


Please contact the PERSCO office for passport and ISOPREP photo requests.

Other Photo, Video Production/Documentation Support

For inquiries on Public Affairs support, please call 455-4226 or email the 379 AEW/PA mailbox at Requests must be for official government purposes

(Current as of 15 June 2022)