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380AEW Article

Remember Your Heart's Health This Valentine’s Day

  • Published
  • By Tech Sgt. Lynette Hoke
  • 380th Air Expeditionary Wing
Valentine’s Day is a brightly colored fun filled holiday with chocolate, flowers, love poems and appreciation for your significant other. While deployed, it can be exciting for an Airman to anticipate and wait for their special someone to get their thoughtful surprise from overseas.

However, for a few troops during deployment, this holiday can make them painfully aware of a recent breakup.

With heartbreak of any kind comes the evitable human response coping. During deployment, holing up in a bunk, emotional eating and excessive smoking are a few of the most common unhealthy ways that some do to deal with the significant negative stressors of being away and having your heart broken.

“The majority of our Airmen on deployment are pretty physically healthy, however, stress and major heartbreaks can start the ball rolling for a number of other things,” said Capt. Joel Drallette, Flight Surgeon for the 95th Expeditionary Fighter Squadron.

The doctor from Tyndall Air Force Base also suggests to not smoke or vape, to maintain a regular exercise schedule and make sure to work your cardiovascular system…ongoing anxiety and high stress and poor lifestyle choices can take a toll on the heart with palpitations and other heart health risks.

Along with making sure to watch your physical health, watching your mental health during a period of heartbreak is just as important for overall health and Comprehensive Airmen Fitness.

“One of the first things that I recommend in coping with heart break on deployment is to admit it, that you’re hurting,” said Chaplain Lt. Col. Julian Gaither, 380th Air Expeditionary Wing deployed from Andrews Air Force Base. “There are many resources available for Airmen to use to help them overcome unfortunate situations – ask for help from your chaplain staff.”

Valentine’s day is holiday of love and affection to a ‘valentine’. February is also American Heart Month, to raise awareness of the many ways preventive heart health. So this Valentine’s Day, whether you are single, attached, married or divorced, show some love by taking care of yourself and your heart.