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380AEW Article

94th FS and 99th RS celebrate 101 years of service

  • Published
  • By Staff Sgt. Erica Rodriguez
  • 380 Air Expeditionary Wing

The 99th Reconnaissance Squadron and the 94th Fighter Squadron both celebrated their 101st anniversary Aug. 21 and Aug. 20, 2018, respectively.

As some of the oldest units in the US Air Force, both units have a rich history serving the country.

99th Reconnaissance Squadron

Founded Aug. 21, 1917, the 99th Reconnaissance Squadron began as the 99 Aero Squadron in Kelly Field, Texas.


The squadron served as the Second Aviation Instruction Center until it was deployed in 1919 to France to serve in combat during World War I as 99th Corps Observation Squadron with French Army and American V Army Corps.   

After calling many places home the unit returned to Kelly Field in 1927 as the Air Corps Training Center and deactivated July, 31 1927. The squadron was reactivated Nov. 9, 1928 and later in 1935 became the 99th Bombardment Squadron in Mitchell Field, New York.


Prior to the US involvement in WWII, the squadron was called to serve in the Panama Canal Zone for antisubmarine patrols. The squadron once again called many places home while serving in World War II training cadres for bombardment units and performing combat in the Western Pacific.

In 1949 the unit became the 99th Strategic Reconnaissance Squadron to be changed briefly back to 99th Bombardment Squadron until 1976.

Modern Day

The squadron relocated to Beale Air Force Base in 1976 and was designated to what we know it as today, the 99th Reconnaissance Squadron, on Sept. 1, 1991. This is where the unit began flying U-2 missions providing critical intelligence for use by the highest levels of our government.


94th Fighter Squadron

Founded Aug. 20, 1917, the 94th Fighter Squadron began as the 94th Aero Squadron in Kelly Field, Texas.


The 94th Aero Squadron deployed to France for combat with the French Sixth Army, French Eighth Army and the American First Army, then served with the Third Army as the pursuit aviation arm of the occupation forces 1918 to 1919.

On April 14, 1918, Lt. Douglas Campbell and Lt. Alan Winslow downed two German aircraft. These were the first victories by fighter aircraft ever scored by an American flying unit in the war.


In 1942, the 94th Pursuit Squadron was re designated at the 94th Fighter Squadron and entered combat in European and Mediterranean Theaters of Operation. The squadron earned two Presidential Distinguished Unit Citations and 14 campaign honors.

Modern Day 

In 1975 the unit was moved to its current location in Langley Air Force Base, Virginia. In 2005, the 94th Fighter Squadron had the final flight of the F-15 Eagle and began the transition to the F-22A.