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380AEW Article

I wanted to serve

  • Published
  • By Tech. Sgt. Nieko Carzis
  • 380th Air Expeditionary Wing


What were you doing the specific moment you decided to join the military?


I was in my apartment, as a freshman in college at University of Missouri-Kansas City in fall of 2016. I sat on my bed and just could not believe I was where I was, and how not right it felt. Most kids my age were living the dream doing just that. When I finally realized what my next step in life would be, I never felt an ounce of doubt. It was such a reassuring feeling.


What was the deciding factor that drove your decision to military service?


I knew that what I was doing in college did not feel right. I had joined a sorority, and was ultimately living a life of someone else. Not the life for me. God is my guide, and I asked him what was next for me. “I know this isn’t right. What should I do?” The next morning a navy recruiter called me. After speaking with them I decided I wanted to join the military. That was my sign.


What did it feel like when you finished BMT and learned what your career path would be? What was your first assignment?


Finishing BMT was exhilarating. I was so excited for what was to come. Before joining, I felt I needed to be doing something with a bigger purpose and this made sense to me. When I learned of my career path, I was interested. It was not what I had anticipated but I am always up for a challenge. After tech school and arriving at my first base I was excited, motivated, and ready to do my job with pride. I remember sitting on my bed (must be my place of best thought?) and just thinking how peaceful I felt. I did not know what whirlwind I had ahead of me, but it was an amazing feeling knowing I was in the right place.


Since being at my first assignment I have learned many things about myself and my peers. I have learned what it’s like to be the new kid on the block. I have learned that I have a passion for caring for and motivating others. Whatever I do in my career I CHOOSE to do with pride and to the best of my abilities. I will not waste my time or anyone else’s, as I realize it is so valuable.



Can you summarize what Air Force life has been like for you up till you found out you were deploying to ADAB?


Life in the Air Force has been challenging. I have learned so many skills that I never even imagined. I have been pushed to be the best version of myself and ultimately was prepared upon finding out I was deploying because of experiences leading up. I have been dealt some great leaders who have helped me get to where I am. I most definitely would not be here without those who saw my potential and pushed me to reach that.


What are you doing here at ADAB? What is your day like?


Here at ADAB I began at the Community Activity Center and transitioned over to the DFAC after a new contract took over that position. Now I work as a Storeroom Clerk. My day to day usually entails putting in a food order or receiving our food trucks here at OASIS Dining Facility. Putting in food orders requires doing a quick inventory of stock and taking down numbers on what I need to order. I also take a look at our menus for that week and see what kinds of meats we will need.  Receiving our food trucks is a lot of fun and a lot of sweating. It’s basically an assembly line of 20-50 lb. boxes being stocked into connexes for a few hours. I have definitely gained muscle in this job!


What about your job makes you feel like you have intended purpose at ADAB, and how do you feel connected to the mission?


I feel that I am an integral part of food service here at ADAB by being a part of ordering all of our food. Without it we would not be able to complete our mission and others would not be able to complete theirs. Our primary goal in the storeroom being in a deployed location is to provide the core needs such as fruits, vegetables, milk, starches, meats, etc. After that comes all of the fun extras like chips, Gatorade, etc. We work hard on a daily basis trying to gain access to different food varieties that will be exciting and keep things new!


How are you making the best of your deployment?


I have made the best of this deployment by working hard in and outside of work. At work I have continued to push myself and learn in areas I knew less about. I worked in the Storeroom back home, but nothing near this capacity of feeding, which has been a big challenge at times. Outside of work I have focused on my fitness goals and really found my motivation in the gym that I never had before. Seeing results really helped push me forward! I also finished my CDC’s since being out here, so getting back into college is next on the list!


If you could have one thing said about your time in service here at Al Dhafra, what would you want your fellow Airman to say about you?


I would want my fellow Airman to say that I was caring and encouraging in and out of the workplace.


If you could give your younger self a piece of advice of what your life would be like after you joined the Air Force, what would you say to re-assure your younger self that everything was going to be okay?


I truly have never been worried since I joined because I knew this was where I was supposed to be. If there’s anything I would tell myself, it’s just to continue being motivated. Do not let discouragement of others affect you. Keep being motivated and continue motivating others.