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380AEW Article

USAFCENT leadership visits Team ADAB

  • Published
  • 380th Air Expeditionary Wing Public Affairs

The U.S. Air Forces Central Commander Lt. Gen. Gregory Guillot and USAFCENT Command Chief Master Sgt. John Storms made a visit here, Sept. 27, 2020.

Guillot serves in a dual-hatted role as both commander of USAFCENT and the combined forces air component commander. In his roles as USAFCENT commander and CFACC, he is responsible for working closely with coalition, joint, and interagency partners to lead a combined force that delivers decisive air and space power, and promotes security throughout U.S. Central Command’s 20-nation area of responsibility.

After meeting with senior wing leadership and a United Arab Emirates Air Force representative, the leadership team conducted an all call with base personnel inside the Phantom Center while abiding by strict COVID-19 mitigation standards.

During the all call, he acknowledged his previous tour as the 380th Operations Group commander (May 2010-May 2011) and being familiar with the wing’s unique capability of employing all five elements of air power- global strike, rapid global mobility, command and control, air and space superiority, intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance.

“You (Al Dhafra Air Base) are ideally sized and equipped to handle just about anything. You have the perfect blend of capability and manpower size to make you a key-lead element for USAFCENT,” said Guillot.

He explained how the USAFCENT priorities-Fight to Win Today, Posture to Prevail Tomorrow, Deter Regional Aggressors, Forge Resolute Partnerships, and Embrace Equality are being employed in the AOR.

“I think one (Fight to Win Today), two (Posture to Prevail Tomorrow), and four (Forge Resolute Partnerships) and five (Embrace Equality) together form deterrence (Deter Regional Aggressors),” he said. “For example, the 380th led a recent large scale exercise with several of our partners - you not only used your assets, but other assets from across USAFCENT, which was fantastic.”

He then laid out expectations for USAFCENT units, but he also highlighted the expectations Airmen should have of him as well.

“USAFCENT Airmen will always get the best I can possibly offer every day, with full recognition that each Airman is an equally important member of this command, with contributions that are equally valued,” said Guillot.

USAFCENT Command Chief Master Sgt. Storms spoke about how the AOR has changed since his days as a young staff sergeant and the leadership expectations he has for noncommissioned officers.

“For leadership in general, more specifically for NCOs, I expect you to lead by example,” said Storms. “Our wings are filled with young junior enlisted Airmen that look up to you. You have to set the standard and provide a great example for them every single day in all things in and out of uniform.”

After a question and answer session at the all call, the senior leaders met with selected Airmen and Soldiers for lunch. After the meal, the team toured the flight line which included a static tour of an EC-130 Compass Call prior to their departure.