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Air Force leaders issue holiday safety message

  • Published
Secretary of the Air Force Michael Donley, Air Force Chief of Staff Gen. Norton Schwartz and Chief Master Sgt. of the Air Force James A. Roy send the following holiday safety campaign message to all Air Force personnel:

"'Safety never takes a holiday' is the theme of this year's holiday safety campaign. We urge all Airmen, uniformed and civilian, to take a few extra minutes to thoroughly think through your holiday plans and use sound risk management when traveling and participating in winter activities.

"We also thank our Airmen, commanders, family members, and safety professionals who are working very hard to reduce mishaps. Your efforts are paying off. We lost no Airmen to personal motor vehicle mishaps between Christmas and New Year's Day during the past two years. This year, we are on track to achieve the Secretary of Defense's goal to reduce preventable, off-duty automobile mishaps.

"We still have work to do in other mishap areas and will roll out a 'Quest for Zero' initiative in the coming year to reduce preventable on-duty fatal mishaps. This year's holiday safety campaign focuses on stress management, winter driving, winter sports, responsible drinking, and preventing complacency. All Airmen have a responsibility to ensure a safe holiday for themselves, their fellow Airmen, and their families by being alert to safety risks, both on- and off-duty. By employing personal and wingman risk management concepts, we might once again enjoy a successful winter holiday season with no preventable mishaps.

"Whether you are deployed or serving at home, your dedication and sacrifice are profoundly appreciated. Happy holidays to you and your families. Travel and celebrate with care, and remember that safety never takes a holiday."