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  • ANG family deployed simultaneously: Sniders’ support 779th EAS

    The term ‘beans and bullets’ was started in the civil war, a time where fathers and sons served together side-by-side. Beans, as in coffee beans, and bullets where items supplied to support the frontlines, similar to the mission here at Ali Al Salem Air Base. For one Illinois family, the tradition still stays true, keeping the Air National Guard flying mission part of their legacy and supplying the frontlines with expeditionary airlift support.
  • Hawaii Air National Guardsman celebrates culture, AAPI Month

    May is Asian-American and Pacific Islander Heritage Month, set aside to highlight those whose origins constitute this geographical area, and recognize all they have contributed to the U.S. There are more than 115,000 Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders serve throughout the Department of Defense.
  • Cryogenics: Providing life source to aircrew across the AOR

    Before pilots depart Air Force Central Commands’ busiest flightline at Ali Al Salem Air Base, a team of Airmen work around the clock to ensure they are able to breathe at high altitudes of 10,000 feet and higher.
  • 386th ELRS fuels flight keeps mission flowing

    The 386th Expeditionary Logistics Readiness Squadron Fuels Flight, also known as Petroleum, Oil and Lubricants flight, is tasked with the great responsibility of providing, storing, testing and distributing fuel on the installation.
  • 386th ESFS Defenders use multilingual skills to fortify international partnerships

    Though they may not be Air Force linguists or official interpreters, four 386th Expeditionary Security Forces Squadron Defenders bring invaluable language skills to Ali Al Salem Air Base, Kuwait.
  • Air Force colonel closes out chapter, reaches new heights

    When Col. Adrienne Williams, 387th Air Expeditionary Group commander, was only 10 years old, she knew she wanted to follow in her father’s footsteps by serving in the world’s greatest Air Force.
  • Iraqi born Airman serves USAF; gives back

    Every Airman has a story and their own reasons for joining the U.S. Air Force. For some, they answered to a higher calling, wanting to give back to the country that provided them with new beginnings and opportunities.
  • Arizona sisters deploy downrange

    Mora and Delgado are step-sisters deployed from the 944th Fighter Wing, Luke Air Force Base, Arizona, and have consistently been linked together throughout their lives and currently find themselves together again, at an undisclosed location in Southwest Asia.
  • USDA, BASH saving lives and money

    According to the Air Force Safety Center, the goal of BASH is to preserve war fighting capabilities through the reduction of wildlife hazards to aircraft operations. For the 2016 fiscal year, AFSC documented more than 4,000 wildlife strikes to Air Force aircraft causing more than 20.6 million dollars in damage.
  • Guard, Reserve defenders bring experience to the fight

    The training and experience our Air National Guard and Reserve law enforcement Airmen gain in their civilian and military careers help keep people safe from enemies foreign and domestic. Many of these security forces members, or defenders, bring the knowledge of both careers to make them more effective both home and abroad.

Mission Video

380th Air Expeditionary Wing Mission Video

380th Air Expeditionary Wing Mission Video