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  • When 'hot' isn't as hot as it seems - dissecting the WBGT

    The temperatures are rising at an undisclosed location in Southwest Asia, and most Airmen will usually admit that it is getting hot."I've started putting my water bottles in the freezer so that they don't go warm five minutes after I come out to the flightline," one Airman said to his coworker, as they walked out of the flightline dining facility
  • 5th EAMS: 'we move the AOR one plane at a time'

    The 5th Expeditionary Air Mobility Squadron is considered by its Airmen to be a unique unit in different locations in Southwest Asia conducting a distinctive mission.Military and civilian personnel in the 5th EAMS power a diverse entity who support cargo and personnel movement around the U.S. Central Command area of responsibility, said Lt. Col.
  • 386th AEW young adults ‘Hungry’ for cool of having faith

    For many young men and women, they hunger to be seen as part of the cool crowd, and some follow the thorny path of partying, spending money and not making smart choices (Jersey Shore, anyone?).But there is a new kind of cool for the young adults of the 386th Air Expeditionary Wing, at an undisclosed location in Southwest Asia. It is the Hungry
  • Senior air controller called to serve spiritual needs

    As aircraft navigate the flightline, Master Sgt. Christopher Koopmans, 386th Expeditionary Logistic Readiness Squadron's Air Terminal Operation Center senior controller, keeps his eye open for any issues that might affect operations for the 386th Air Expeditionary Wing.For Koopmans, watching the different aircraft move about the flightline is a lot
  • Breaking barriers, building bridges

    At a time when suspicion characterizes relationships between nations in the Middle East, small groups of Air Force Security Forces members, such as the Viper 1 team, work diligently to build a solid relationship with the local community, strong enough to last for the foreseeable future."At one level, Viper 1's mission is to execute a five-kilometer
  • Combat truckers: A writer's journal -- Day 1: Hi, Nice to Meet You

    This is the first day in a six-day journal following Airmen and Soldier truckers as they transport cargo across Iraq during the transition. -Editor.Airmen of the 70th and 424th Medium Truck Detachment are on the roads in Iraq every day, hauling cargo and other items out of the country in support of the December 31st deadline for U.S. Forces to be
  • Versatile Airmen supporting the joint fight

    The 386th Air Expeditionary Wing is host to thousands of Airmen working in a number of mission taskings, many of which, have the privilege of working side by side with sister services.The joint expeditionary tasked Airmen across the Area of Responsibility are in support of the Army and Navy. The 387th Air Expeditionary Group is host to hundreds of
  • Safety from the ground up

    Typically, an Airmen deployed to the 386th Air Expeditionary Wing only spends 179 days away from their home station. For a select few, however, the tour can last up to a year.Master Sgt. Scott Keister, 386th AEW ground safety manager, deployed from Joint Base McGuire-Dix-Lakehurst, N.J., left his family behind in November of 2010 and has only been
  • The Captain and Tennille

    Running 24-hour ops in a position two deep is no easy feat. But, add in taking responsibility for the transportation and well-being of countless high ranking officials and it can potentially  be recipe for disaster.But for Captain Stacey Nichols, 386th Air Expeditionary Wing protocol chief and Technical Sgt. Tennille Benton, 386th AEW protocol NCO
  • AFCENT band rocks AOR

    Lugging more than 3,000 pounds of equipment to seven separate countries, for more than 70 performances within a 90-day deployment, may sound like an exhausting challenge for an average troop. But for the seven members of Air Force Central's band, Top Cover, it's a journey made with never-ending smiles and laughs.Deployed from Elmendorf Air Base,