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Air Force teams with coalition partners for first ever deployed SNCOLC

  • Published
  • By Staff Sgt. Christopher Stoltz
  • 386th Air Expeditionary Wing Public Affairs
Airmen from the 386th Air Expeditionary Wing and coalition partners from three different countries recently completed the first ever deployed senior non-commissioned officer leadership course.

The 16-hour professional military education course, instructed by 386th AEW Command Chief Master Sgt. Chad Welch, marked the first time the SNCOLC was hosted in a deployed environment, and the first time it has ever been offered to coalition partners.

The course provided attendees the opportunity to explore in-depth communications, trust, teamwork and leadership proficiencies. Welch said while the mission will always come first, there is always room to grow, even in a deployed environment.

SNCOLC is usually hosted by and provided to members of Air Force Reserve Command. Welch, who served as the 932nd Airlift Wing command chief at Scott Air Force Base, Illinois, said the contents of the course are rewarding for attendees of all components and countries – not just reserve Airmen.

“This is the perfect PME to host in this environment,” said Welch. “The class took only two days to complete, and the participants completed the class in addition to their busy work schedules. Beyond the lessons learned in the course itself, SNCOLC enhances our relationships with our coalition partners – which will yield dividends long after we leave the classroom.”

The dividends Welch mentioned includes the increased SNCO network at this location, which will enable the class graduates to more effectively complete the mission when collaborating with coalition partners. He also said this multi-national network only serves to augment the 386th mission, and by extension, the Air Force’s mission.

“More than anything, this class is about building and fostering partnerships,” said Welch. “The main inspiration for hosting this course here was the fact we work with our coalition partners daily, but don’t often get the opportunity to network and learn together. The success of a class often hinges on the students’ energy, and these students were amazing. I am excited to see what their future holds.”

The students weren’t the only ones who learned something during the course, however. As a former PME instructor, Welch said the cadre learned from the international students themselves, allowing them to grow as facilitators.

“Having coalition partners as students is an exciting experience,” he said. “While the methods of learning are different between individuals, the difference between countries is a different animal. Luckily, while the languages of the students differed, the course material was universal. We were able to roll with the punches and successfully complete the course.”

Welch went on to say hosting this first iteration of SNCOLC here is just the first step, and he hopes to host more classes like this in the future, as long as the mission allows it.

One of the coalition partners who graduated the class was Canadian Armed Forces Warrant Officer Patrick Power. He said the class provided valuable insight to the U.S. Air Force’s senior enlisted mindset – something he plans on sharing with his peers.

“This course was very interesting and a pleasure to be a part of,” said Power. “The course was informative and it was easy to break the ice with all our partners. I thoroughly enjoyed participating with coalition members. It was definitely a positive experience and I will take the lessons I have learned and apply them when I return home. All coalition forces would benefit from the course – the teamwork and coaching would be beneficial to any participant.”